Surprise!! There was no surprise.

So…. at this point in my F3 journey, there is a certain expectation for nuttiness…..something quirky…dare I say, perhaps…even the absurd.   And so, I am not sure if it was disappointment or relief I saw on the faces of the Pax when YHC brought a straight, no-frills, well organized beatdown.  It was as if they had bought tickets for Ozzy Osborne, and he didn’t bite the head off a bat.  Or seeing janet Jackson and not witnessing a wardrobe malfunction.  Or, having a conversation with Tesla and you can understand everything he says.  Truly , Skoal did not get what he had advertised on the twittersphere.


COP: The standard.  because even in the most in standard, or perhaps sub standard of plans, the standard remains the standard.  Mr Green wore winter gloves, which is very sub standard.

Partner up with someone with similar sized bells and proceed Catch-Me-If-You-Can style to the basketball court.  Sheets were handed out with the entire workout laid out in a crisp, easy to read format. Toga was stunned at the absence of explanation, and RopeADope was without an an opportunity to catch his breath with Millennial-like questions such as ” Will this be on the test?”  and ” When can we talk about my feelings?”

10 exercises, 100 reps between you and your partner.  Partner not swinging iron ran to the top of the fire escape and back.  Noonan whined, Crystal was challenged. Go figure.

Renegade Row, Squat Press, Triceps extension, 2 bell full squat, 2 bell press, Single leg dead lift, Hammer curls, Cleans, Protractor, Snatch.  If you get done, rinse and repeat with 50 instead of 100.  Big Worm thanked me for the hammer curls– he did the DNA test and found out soccer arms runs in the family, and he is fighting back.

EmNeM complained that we didn’t do Power to the People. That’s like going to the beach and complaining about not getting sunburned.

Hollywood complained that we didn’t stay longer–something about getting ahead of the curve for his 7.4 cupcake eating contest–he has placed 2nd 3 times.


Sharona was there, in the sense that he rucked for 35 minutes and then went up and down the fire escape for 10 minutes.  stunning effort from a guy that always takes the elevator at work.

NMM:   7.4 convergence at Elizabeth Elementary– near Indy Park. Make extra time to get there do to construction.   If you like rucking, come join Sharona– El Diablo Blanco shafted him.   RopeAdope has a service opportunity at the Stratfor Richardson Y.  Get a hold of him or Pipeline for details.


Keep the Sawyer family in yoru prayers as they lost their son while he was in Argentina with PDS.  Peace and grace greater than our understanding be upon them.


Last time we did this beatdown, only 2 got done.

I need to make this harder….

Until next time–which for me is at Fortitude tomorrow ( I know I know…I don’t know how to use a calendar properly).


Reverend Flo-Rida

3 thoughts on “Surprise!! There was no surprise.

  • July 3, 2018 at 5:16 am

    I don’t know what that means so I will agree with you. By the way I miss you fishwrap

    • July 3, 2018 at 7:53 am

      Oh, really? You’ve been missing out. He’s known for his “didn’t see that coming…” endings. The Suxth Sense, Signs, Unbreakable, The Visit…

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