Now They Make You Add a Number

The PAX was our early. Driving into the AG campus YHC spotted Van Winkle, Hallpass, and Robinhood getting some extra mileage in. Obviously they didn’t trust the Q to bring enough heat (there was plenty and some humidity too).  It was a late arriving holiday crowd but waiting in the parking lot was some F3 Royalty, FishWrap…and he brought the Bologna! Not the usual bologna that he brings but his 2.0 Bologna2.  One of the best things about ALS is the inspiring range of ages 8-79 today!  Here’s what went down:

Mosey down to America the Beautiful for a Burpee Blimp ride from sea to shining…

6 Burpees, Lunges, 6 Burpees, Imperial Walker, 6 Burpees, Merkins, 6 Burpees, Plankjacks, 6 Burpees, Squats, 6 Burpees.

Partner up for 3 trips up the Stairway to (just short of) Heaven, partner 1 runs, partner 2 does called exercise, flapjack, rounds of Monkey Humpers, Low Country Boil, LBCs, a little planking and mary for the 6.

Next mosey up the hill to Sen. Ramos’ Annex for Rounds of 11s of Dips and Derkins with wall jump ups in between. This was a real crowd pleaser.

Most to the Senator’s office for a couple of seconds of people’s chair, then mosey to Selwyn front lot for COP/Mary of 6 Burpees; Mary; Squats; Mary; 6 Burpees; Mary until time is up.


Robinhood has the Q at the July 4 F3Metro convergence at 6:30 a.m. at Elizabeth Traditional Elementary School(near Independence Park). Immediately after the convergence the American 4 Miler begins at 7:30 a.m. from the Sharktank/Attilla AO. Signup is available online until 11:59 today. Use the Googles for the link.

Takeout (and lovely tribute to his beloved father-in-law and friend John McGee) by Valdez.


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  • July 3, 2018 at 11:15 am

    You whooped him good. We get home and he says, “Dad, I think I’ll go back to bed.”

    Great morning, thank you!

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