SIB: Pat Benatar trivia

What was the second song ever played on MTV? (Footnote: MTV stands for Music TeleVision. Many years ago the screens in your home had things called “stations” which played content constantly even if you weren’t watching. You couldn’t start over or whenever you wanted. You just turned it on and if the Thriller video wasn’t playing well you could just keep watching until it came on. Anyway, MTV played something called “music videos. Instead of just listening to your favorite bands sing you could watch them jump around with their instruments. Or if it was Peter Gabriel you could try to figure out all the freakishness going on in his head. Or maybe watch Simon Le Bon run around a 3rd world country acting a like a wimpy Indiana Jones – MNash a big fan of this one.)

Anyway what the question? Or the answer? Oh yeah – You Better Run…

And so we did. Great to have Bunny back at SIB. We started on the track and he looked very strong. Foul Ball way out front also. Cindy has never had a bad idea so we took his suggestion and left the track after about 4×800. Rest of the workout was up and down Spackler’s and through the MPHS circle. Good stuff. According to my watch we covered 11.8km which sounds very impressive.

What will we do next week? Depends on whether I’m wise enough to follow Cindy’s next great idea.

In the meantime:

Convergence tomorrow morning:

Register for American 4 Miler (also tomorrow morning). Read preblast also.

(Author’s note: I’m glad to explain the video references to anyone who missed the 80s.)


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