No Country for Oxygen

Another edition of SR kicked off at 5:30ish on Monday. I have noticed this rapidly infilling neighborhood has many options if you find yourself in need of pre-festivities facilities, mostly well-stocked with all the amenities.

Anyway, rolled in from a short but productive warm up to find four pax waiting. Handouts? Yes of course there were handouts.

Follow me, mosey to the bottom of Goshen. Sump expressed concerns about repeating Goshen from the previous week and then didn’t post……pause for instructions:

  • 6 timed intervals
  • 5:00 minutes on. 1:15 recover. (see that math? – 4:1 ratio!) Aim for between 5K and 5 mile race pace
  • Back and forth on ~3/4 mile course designed to maximize elevation change

Not the mutha, bonesaw or horsey but best I could come up with for BRR prep around these parts.

Finished up with a cool down lap around the bus lot, then a few exercises: Grayson Allen L, R, one-legged squat, elbow plank hold. Take out by Deer Tick. Announcements: MIP,opportunities to support/Q. Convergence which already happened.

  • Talkbox getting after it, good to have him back out for the season, always with the positive attitude
  • My neighbor Love Boat getting back into shape fast after a long kotterdom, looking tenacious on the hills
  • Want Ad’s calves visible from lunar orbit, like the Great Wall of China. Seriously he could stand in for the Cirque du Soleil guy who holds up the human tower
  • Deer Tick roped back into BRR? Rumor has it…….
  • Strava said HNA did a very similar workout over by Tranquil. Just come on over to RMS next time men

See you next time



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