Why did I agree to this? I feel almost as stupid as Slaughter’s distress call prior to his SharkTank Q today. Off topic, but I’m going on vacation with him next year. Don’t say anything. I don’t think he thinks it’s a good idea. But he’s wrong. I know a good idea when I have one and this one is good.

Listen, I don’t know how to write a pre-blast for Armor. Has it ever been done? Am I breaking new ground?

Armor’s a thing again! I don’t know if it’s a permanent thing or a temporary thing, only that it’s definitely a thing tomorrow.

Armor starts @ 6a and concludes @ 645a. It takes place in a parking lot. Well, it launches from a parking lot and there are adjoining streets as options to run up and down or to do exercises on. There are no decent structures or parks nearby. None. Think about that for second. Who wants to work out in a public park? OR worse, a private one. I don’t want to do that. Use your local park for leisure activities such as in-line skating and sunbathing in your Speedo. That’s what I always say, and that’s why I’m repeating it here. You keep it to those 2 things and you’ll do just fine, my friend.

Doesn’t matter, there are no parks close by, only a parking lot filled with some dudes that want to get after it at least half as bad as Chris Cuomo.

So, we’ll either work out in the Providence United Methodist Church parking lot OR run up and down one of the seven Ferncliffs that are close to the parking lot.

There is a pre-run option available tomorrow ONLY – unless the guy Qing next week (and each week after that) wants to do something early as well.

I’ll swing by the lot @ 530a to scoop you. I won’t stop or even slow down. You will need to be ready to roll.


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