Ah, July 5th…..the day “after”. Like that Tuesday after Memorial Day weekend. Usually hungover, definitely tired, probably sunburned. YHC was all three. No matter….duty calls and there is nothing like a belated birthday party, right?

EC:  Disney whips into the lot @ 5:14, saving YHC from a solo workout, although honestly, had no one showed, I might have gotten back in my car to rest my eyes for 10 more minutes. You know that game, right? The “rest your eyes” one? AKA, the “alarm clock gamble” that usually results in oversleeping, jumping out of bed in a frenzy & waking the M up. Anyway, Disney and I ran 1.5 miles and pulled back in in enough time to catch a quick breath.

Main Event:  Circle up in the St. Gabes lot to shake it out with SSH, Mountain Climber, Peter Parker. Partner up & head over to the Hotbox (+5 degrees), stopping to get one big block & one small block per group and then heading out to the lot behind Eddie’s, lining up on one end.

So….the best thing about belated birthday parties is that you have extra time to think about how to celebrate and after Silent Bob reminded us at Ring Run that the USA is 242 this year, YHC had to take advantage of that number. With everyone feeling festive, Partner 1 takes the small block and runs down to 2nd light pole & back (about 1/2 the lot length), while P2 stays in place to do the called exercise with the big block:

Round 1:  242 curls

Plank > Sprint down the lot & back > 50 LBC’s OYO

Round 2:  242 squats

Plank > Sprint down the lot & back > 50 LBC’s OYO

Round 3:  242 overhead presses (suck)

Plank > Sprint down & back


Return blocks to the Hotbox (+5 degrees), stopping along the wall for People’s Chair (1 min sit) with 10 air presses….X 2.

Up the stairs and blessed by a cool breeze at the top that made the 6:10am air feel like October. Damn it’s hot down there.

Back to St. Gabes with a minute to spare, so circle up and knock out 10 merkins in cadence.



Strong group out there comprised of every pax that wasn’t on vacation this week. YHC is feeling it in the shoulders & arms today (726 reps) and thought a proper break from BRR training was in order, as every workout in Metro is a BRR workout in disguise this time of year. Everyone was pushing hard, as we all finished at about the same time with each round #nostragglers Disney is your Q next week and he’s got some crazy sh*t planned….gotta go to know.

Hope everyone had a nice 4th of July break and took a minute to appreciate what we have here, despite what you hear from our politicians, media and fellow man. Take care of yourselves, your family, friends and one another. America is already great.

Until next time!

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