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Hot Box


Since we had Eminem as Q for the last 2 weeks, I signed up for this week. If you’re not taking advantage of the opportunity to sign up, you’re really missing out. When you Q, you control the pace and you choose the exercises. Otherwise, it’s pot-luck.




10 Burpees


8 Burpees


6 Burpees


4 Burpees


2 Burpees


Over to the parking deck. We went in the bottom floor which was partially enclosed. Not a good idea. It was about 10 degrees hotter there.

11s with Australian Mountain Climbers and Donkey Kicks


Over to the field across the street for Jack Webb. It is Friday after all.


From there, we ran under Pearl Park Way to the bottom of the stairway on the other side for Partner Jacob’s Ladder. Partner 1 runs to the top and does one burpee, Partner 2 does an ab exercise. When Partner 1 comes back, Partner 2 runs to the top and does 1 burpee. This continues until both partners get to 7 burpees or I pull the plug.


We returned to the field for:

Dancing Chilcutt (Yes, I did an Eminem and looked up some new exercises)


Man Maker Merkins


Peter Parker


Back to the parking lot for 5 minutes of Mary and stretching.


Rough day. Really hot. I did bring cold water for everyone. I won’t say that made up for everything but it did help.



Confession will be lead by My Sharona this Sunday. Meeting at Mugs coffee shop, next to Portofino’s in the shopping center on Park Road, just north of the intersection with Selwyn.

I think it was Willie that took us out. I should remember but my brain was suffering from heat and exhaustion.


Retired from Duke Energy after 40 years as an accountant.

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