I got a lot of work to do….

It’s an honor to Q at Foritude. Just like at MIP. It’s a fantastic group of men, and one of the few interactions guys in my socio economic bracket get to have with guys struggling at the very bottom of our system. The cool thing, our interaction is based on the workout. So, no one cares what your income is—we are here to bust ass. And so, with the idea of ass busting in mind, we commenced on Tuesday 7/3 with an ass busting.

We started with the standard. Because no matter what size the ass is that is being busted, we get started the same way.

Mosey to the wall by the hill for fun and run. For fun, we did 10 merkins—regular, diamond, wide arm, stagger left and stagger right. After each set of merkins, we ran to the top of the hill and did squats.

Next, we moseyed the baseball fence and did 11’s with leg lifts and LBC’s.

Next, we moseyed to the baseball field for a little 4 corners—make that 4 bases. Run between Home and 1st, 2nd and 3rd, bearcrawl the other 2 sides. 10 squats, 10 alternating lunges, 10 carolina dry docks, 10 merkins depending on your base. Repeato x 3.

Mosey to the rails for in boards and outboards with incline reverse grip push ups in between.

Finish with negatives—a real crowd pleaser.

Indian run home, then mosey while we wait on the 6.


NMM: Fun group today. Slaughter and Mighty wind ran over, then I think they hitched a ride home. Great to have Charlie Sheen as an FNG.   Love that feeling when a pax gives you his nickname, you laugh and say “How did you get that?” and he says “ You gave it to me.” I love me. Really, I love me.

But, I love myself enough to see who I really am. I signed up to Q knowing full well I was leaving at 10 to be a chaperone on the Youth Pilgimage with my church. My job was the daily devotions, and I needed to get a few more things done before I left. So, I was in a hurry when Pipeline asked if some of us could help out to get guys back to the shelter—the keys were missing for the van, and it took 3 cars to get everyone there. Charlie Sheen needed a ride. In my hesitation, I caught my self thinking” I can’t help this homeless black man!! I need to get 9 Myers Park white kids –whose parents have jobs and provide them with homes and food—to a resort in the Canadian Rockies so that I can serve Jesus!” Ummm….did anyone else hear the hypocrite alarm go off?

So, yes I gave Charlie Sheen a ride. And yes, I got packed and made the flight along with all of the youth.  And yes, I got to spend some time in relfection considering the lengths I would go to serve Jesus—traveling across the continent—when Jesus needs me to serve right in my own back yard.

It’s good to love who you are. It’s better when you love yourself enough to recognize your shortcomings, and pray that the one that created you will help you to overcome them.

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  • July 7, 2018 at 2:15 pm

    The needs exist whether we know or not it. Getting proximate reveals the needs and then puts us in a position to choose to act or not. The knowledge of the need is uncomfortable; so is the decision of whether to act; and the action is often uncomfortable as well.

    I struggle with those choices and where to draw the line. Gary Thomas’ remarks on sacrifice in Sacred Parenting are noteworthy. He shares that God once convicted him that he was willing to act like a Christian as long as it didn’t cost him anything.

    Thank you Rev for getting proximate and for always choosing to serve, even when it costs.

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