Maybe we’ll do some Merkins at Revolution tomorrow?

A little birdie tells me that Maybe has the Q at Revolution tomorrow. And I’m told he really likes one specific exercise…

Maybe we will. Maybe we wont.

That same little birdie tells me that Maybe EH’d one of our fearless leaders Pipeline a few years ago. Here’s what he said when interviewed:

“Maybe brought me out to Ranger (#notnice). He probably talked to me about F3, for about two years before I ever posted (#persistence), so perhaps I deserved that initiation (#stillnotnice).
Fast forward a few years, I am mildly enthusiastic about what F3 can do for individual Men and for this community (#understatement).   Moral of the story is Guys out there don’t know what they’re missing.  And they may not take you up on your offer for quite some time.   But if you believe that F3 has made you a better Man, then you should keep asking.   B/c they need it too!”
PS: Have I mentioned Revolution is the best AO in Charlotte? #AgainNotFakeNews

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