Midwood PreBlast

Happy Friday, and I hope everyone had a great Independence Day.  As unbearable as the heat has been lately, we are finally going to catch a break this weekend.  Temps tomorrow morning are going to be in the low 70’s which is pretty perfect for a workout.

Your Humble Correspondent, Gridlock, has the Q tomorrow.  To be honest, my whole body aches from lugging cinderblocks around Cotswold at Bastion and Fortress yesterday and today (thanks Hollins and Pitino), so we are going to get creative tomorrow.   Spoiler alert – no cinderblocks at Midwood tomorrow.  But, we are going to get a good workout in to start the day/weekend, and hopefully the milder temperatures will get some of you summer hibernators out of your caves.

Midwood workout starts at 7am and the pre-run (6 miles) starts at 6am if you are interested in extra credit.  Meet in the parking lot of Midwood Park for both.

Hope to see everyone tomorrow at 7.

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