Can’t make it to Pamplona, Spain this year and run with the bulls? Don’t make yourself sick with regret, I got you.

P2W will be closed on July 9th in support of the bi-annual “Running of the Jackasses.”

We’ll meet in the Elizabeth Park Parking Lot, corner of Kings and 4th Street, @ 515a this Monday, July 9 and hightail it to our favorite girl in Uptown Charlotte.

Once there, we’ll run up and down the #Dizzyback like complete friggin’ idiots until a) you pass out b) you tap out c) it’s 6:10 and we need to burn it to make it back to base on time.

AMRAP: As Many Rounds As Possible

If you get off. You lose. If you take the stairs. You lose. If you stop. You lose.

I won’t call time. I don’t really care what time you leave the spiral so long as we keep to our scheduled completion time and finish back at the lot @ 615a.

I don’t know what the record is/or in what month it was set, but let’s try and break that junk-



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