Mighty Midwood

4 Men ignored the relative humidity index and took the plunge into the swamp otherwise known as Midwood Park this morning.  Here’s what we did.

The Thang
Warmups – SSH,  Imperial Walker, Peter Parkers, Heels to Heaven
Mosey to the amphitheater for some 11’s. Merkins at the bottom, squats at the top.
Mosey to the soccer field for some back and forths between the goals – karaoke down and back, backwards run down and back, lunge walk, broad jump down and backwards run back.  Finished with 3 brutal laps of bear crawls around the net.
Mosey to the lower level of the park/playground area for a layer cake (h/t Pitino for inspiring me with his layer cake of sweat and pain at Fortress yesterday). 5 pull ups on the monkey bars, 10 derkins on the retaining wall, 15 dips on the picnic table benches, 20 LBCs.
Repeat x 3. Threw in some plankjacks at the end for good measure.
Cool off lap around the park then to the basketball court for some Mary:
Dolly x 12, Freddy Mercury x 12, Rosalita x 12, LBC x 20, Merkins x 10, flutters x 12, Russian Twist x 15.
Small but mighty crew today.
 Primanti and Blue Jay greeted us in the parking lot after their 6 mile run and they look like they had just come out of the pool wearing all their clothes. Don’t let the cooler temperatures for you, it’s humid as hell out there.
Bambi missed the 6@6ers by a few minutes, but no big deal – he just went out and ran 8.2 miles on his own.  And then was at the front of the workout the entire time.  #beastmode
Vila and Ocho Cinco – I can’t say enough about these guys.  Ocho Cinco is 13 and absolutely crushes it out there.  And Vila is the heart and soul of this workout.  Incredibly positive even through the worst of it, and he gives it everything he’s got every week – and always has a smile on his face.  Midwood is blessed to have regulars like these Men.
A great morning with a solid crew of guys pushing each other every step of the way.  What’s not to love about that?

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