SundaySe7en + Caffeine + MM AMRAP

Great opportunity for you to move your BRR training to the next level, starting TOMORROW:

Join me and some friends for:

SundaySe7en, 6A START — a 7 mile option launching from Cotswold Starbucks #ReverseColville

We’ll finish, eat snacks, and roll into:

Caffeine, 715A START – a 5 mile option that winds through the mean streets of Foxcroft.


Muthaship Monday AMRAP, 515A START — Elizabeth Park Parking Lot, corner of 4th and Kings

This will help prepare you mentally for doing things you don’t necessarily feel like doing, like pushing hard when fatigued OR running up dumb stuff in general.

Very important, that is if you don’t want to feel like complete ass when getting your party on @ BRR. We need to stack some tough days and it starts TOMORROW.

At minimum, do the 7 or 5 + Muthaship Monday.

If you’re scared and want to hide out go to Horsey.

See you then!


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