Touch ‘Em All

Today would have been my dad’s 85th birthday so I dedicated today to him.  As a guy who trained at Quantico in the summers while he was in college, he would have loved to administered this beat down himself.  Thanks to the Pax for supporting me in this dedication and to putting up with stories about him and some of his old, really bad jokes.

We had some non-Core royalty join us today. Buzzcock who has become a welcomed regular and Carrier who thought he was getting an off day!

Here’s what happened:

The usual opening, because that is what we do. And because it is a great warm up, whic some of the Men of Core, including YHQ greatly need.  SSH, IW, ST (or as we now call it Brick Topps).

We then alternated exercises (Merkins, Mountain Climbers, Diamonds and Plan Jacks) with foot to hand lunge stretches and lunge stretches with twists.  Funny, the Pax will do burpees without a sound but you ask them to stretch and the gnashing of teeth hits record highs.

Before heading out we did some shoulder rolls to make sure we were all loose and ready to go.

The themes of the workout was “no running in core” so we ran — 2 miles according to Carrier – who is known to exaggerate but who was not this time — with bells no less. And, to hit all of the AO’s within the AO.

First stop was to mosey to the field with bells.  We then rolled around in the wet grass. Why?  Because as Dredd says, being wet is just a state of mind. We then did 5 Burpees OYO.

We then moseyed to the garage with bells for Partner SHUTUPS.  P1 did the first exercise while P2 ran up the ramp and back and then switched places.  We moved through the sequence of Swings, Hammer Curls, Up Right Rows, Triceps, Up Right Rows, Presses and Squats.  (Why do we do Up Right Rows twice?  Because we like Up Right Rows).

The next stop was the ramps outside the student unions.  As we waited on the six we planked for a minute with each Pax counting off until we hit 60.  Once the rest of the Pax arrived we rolled around in the grass to make sure that we were all evenly wet.  We then proceeded to do Partner BLIMPS.  P1 do the exercise while P2  ran up the left ramp, across the patio — where we asked each Pax to stop and wave to their Partner — very few took advantage of this second F opportunity — next time I will make instructions more clear.  Partners switched places until we worked through Burpees, Lunges with bell Imperial Walkers, Merkins, Press ups (or Plank Jacks) and Squats.

We then moseyed to the Picnic Tables.  While we waited for the six we did People’s Chair with the Pax taking turns counting until we reached 60. The counting was harder than you would think.

DRM finally arrived and brought some attitude with him.  So, as the Q it was my place to instill order, so I increased the amount of reps on our next exercises by 10% and then 10% again.  Fearing a “CODE RED” I stopped escalating and got on with it. We did three (3) sets of 12 dips, 12 derkins and 12 show girl, all the way step ups.  You had to step up “all the way” to the top of the table and then throw your arms in the air before stepping down. Had it not been wet and slippery I would have included a spin at the top of the table.  The guys don’t know what they missed.

We added in Balls to the Wall with 10 hip slaps and People’s Chair with 20 air presses in between the above, just to keep our muscles confused.

We then moseyed back to the parking lot for Mary.  As YHC writes this he is now realizing we didn’t touch em all as we missed the playground.  Sad!

For Mary YHC decided to call exercises that actually worked your abs rather than the usual fair many Q’s call.  We did knee ups X 12, Loughanis X 12, Polish Twists (ankles crossed and raised with knees bent, move the bell from one side to the other while Q pauses before counting) X 12.

The final exercise was a group plank where we counted to 85 in honor of my dad’s birth date.

Announcements:  mostly mumble chatter.

Hoe Down took us out.

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