I use ninja focus to slow my heart rate down

I considered re-tweeting my own tweet yesterday but wasn’t sure what would happen, kinda like getting on I-485. If you go left, or Inner Loop, you wind up in Matthews. You go right, or Outer Loop, you have to pass through hell first to get to Matthews. The lone exit there will dump you right in front of Tiger Rag’s McMansion. I don’t understand 485 and do my best to stay off it.

I do use a short stretch of 485, the section that connects 77 to 521 to Pineville. My granny lives in Pineville. I go there to eat butterscotch candy.

Use to drive to Louisville twice a year until everyone we knew (or liked there) either moved or died.

You take 85 South to pick up 75 North. It’s counterintuitive, but that’s what you do and you pass through Gastonia. This is as much time as I’ve ever spent in Gastonia. I wouldn’t go there for the specific purpose of working out. I wouldn’t go to Pineville either. Or Matthews. Ever. Again. I limit my exposure to Ballantyne. Not because I don’t like the guys there, I do, but I live in Charlotte.

I’m always impressed and appreciative when F3 men visit us from other regions.

We live in Charlotte. It makes sense that we don’t want to leave. Makes less sense that you wouldn’t want to come here, but I’m not surprised. I like it when you do.

Minnow and Landlord came down from MECA. I don’t know if that counts or not, but I want to take this opportunity to remind all of you that don’t live here that Charlotte’s only a few minutes and a few more miles from the stupid place you live.

Nekkid Talk:

We went for it. We couldn’t have asked for better conditions in July. I was thinking how cool it would have been to get the whole party to 16(+) trips up that sick spiral, but unfortunately, it wasn’t meant to be.

To break the record, I’m convinced, we’ll have to run faster.

Dredd tried DQing himself and everyone else that wasn’t back in the lot at/or before 0615.

I have the overriding authority at this workout and determined that a minimal grace period is acceptable. I think it’s important that we’re mindful of our start/finish times, sure, but we make reasonable exceptions at the Muthaship – and the last thing you want to be is too early, standing around in the lot with your thumb up your butt, thinking what could have been.

Now, if you roll in late talking ’bout “I broke that sht!” No, not cool.

I don’t know who did what but for a team of 20 guys that haven’t touched an AMRAP up in that piece in who knows how long, man, I thought we crushed it.

We had some guys joining in late and posting sideways from the Dowd. If you’re a purists and started when and where we started and finished when and where we finished, great job.

That place is awful. My bionic leg is not actually bionic. That stupid ramp pounds on your old man joints. Those of you with more sense than us, that stayed in bed or posted elsewhere, good for you. Always said you were smart.

I think the majority of us got at least 14 trips, with me, Steroid and #Needlepoint finishing 1-2-3, with 16 trips.

Thank you for coming. Gandalf, thanks for supporting this dumb idea. Again.





One thought on “I use ninja focus to slow my heart rate down

  • July 9, 2018 at 2:59 pm

    That was just awful in an enjoyable kind of way. For the record, I only got in 15.33 before turning around to chase you home. 6:16 arrival so technically I was DQ as well. We need to do that once a month for mental fortitude.

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