Maxwell Ariel Lane

What was the biggest hurdle keeping you from your first F3 weekday workout? 7-6 odds it was the 5:30 start. But then after you posted a few dozen times, getting up at 0500 to exercise started to seem normal. Necessary, in fact. Starting at the super-late hour of 6:00 just doesn’t leave enough time in the day! Gotta milk the cows, chop the wood, hand-make the biscuits, trade a bunch of Bitcoin…the #HIMs are busy people.

But then you post to a couple of 0600 workouts (Armor last week, and #CopperheadSquat this week) and realize that, you know what, getting home for a quick shower and bite to eat at 6:55 isn’t exactly late, and you can still get to work somewhat on time. These 0600 guys may have stumbled onto something.

The Thang

Mosey out of the lot, right on Randolph, for COP behind a big Novant/Atrium/lawsuit medical building: SSH x15, merkins x15, regular squat x15, wide arms x10, jump squats x10, Dry Docks x10

Mosey to Billingsville Elem for 4 rounds of: 10 merkins of some variety other than plain, 10 pull-ups, 10 dips, run to the awning and back.

5 burpees, then run up and through the playground equipment and down the slide (the best part of Daisy’s week), then 5 more.

Because Raider is there (any only because of that), Bear Crawl to the awning. People’s Chair for a bit, with raised legs and some air presses to 50.

Mosey to Sam Drenan Road, which apparently the fine Pax of Copperhead don’t visit often, even though it’s only a solid 4-iron from their AO. Back up, with 5 burpees at each driveway, then mosey back down. Right on Orange, right on Maxwell Ariel Lane, which I would bet a lot of money that no one this morning had ever traversed. Reach the end, and then backward run out and back to the entrance of Grier Heights.

Brief COP at the entrance sign: actual Copperhead Squats (TM) x15, Stagger left and right merkins x10, Diamonds x8, head out

Back to Mint Museum, dips and step-ups on the wall, while admiring the running form of a certain Pax’s neighbor (secret’s safe with me).

4MOM: dolly, flutter, Freddy Mercury, LBC, then burpees OYO to finish

Further Moleskin

Enjoyed the time with these fine gentlemen on this cool morning. Haven’t posted with L10 in a while, but it’s always a pleasure to listen to his non-stop mumblechatter for 45 minutes. Already mentioned Raider’s bear-crawl prowess, made all the more possible by his welder’s gloves, and refusal to do 80% of the burpees. Stat was speedy on the 10/10/10 circuits, which kinda made sense since he was wearing a shirt that said “6-4-5” or something. Daisy brings a baseball-game-sized cooler of ice water and plastic cups to each summertime workout at the ‘Head. He’s working on that #Top10SiteQ nomination.

Thanks for the takeout, Stat. And thanks for the keys, Daisy

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