Ring Run Backblast 7/3/18: Sk8 or Die

So it’s been almost a week and my memory is a little spotty, but to the best of my recollection, here’s what we did:

Colville Road, right on Scotland, circle up for some exercises in the sort-of empty lot. merkins, squats, something else, then head south because it’s too loud right there.

Left on Vernon, stop just short of Wendover. Backtrack to the stop sign, with 5 burpees at the speed hump and sign both directions. Left on Wendover, navigate the fallen tree, jump through the onion rings at Wendover (85% of Pax did not follow the leader on that), do some merkins and such in the grass or sidewalk.

Keep heading east on Wendover. This is where Sprinkle starts to get nervous. Navigate another fallen tree (and the dudes with the chain saws). Get to the skate park, only to realize it’s securely locked. Damnit. Audible to 10 dips, 10 pull ups, then head back.

Brief run up Churchill to gather the Pax, some exercises on Vernon, then AYG back home.

5.08 miles, 44:55 time elapsed.

Thanks for the keys, Rock. Thanks for the anxiety about my time management, Sprinkle. Thanks for the history-inspired prayer, Silent Bob. And thanks for the poignant message about the military’s sacrifice, and for your personal service to our country, HE.



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