Pipeline said I had to do this now, so here goes:

Minimal snark from the group on my first Q, so I at least I had that going for me.

Started with the usual, followed by 20 hollow rocks.  Trust me, they will catch on. (best core exercise out there when done properly).  Long partner carry to the bridge.  Treated the PAX to gorgeous view of uptown interrupted by bridge runs 21-15-9- sets of burpees and hand-release merkins.  Had planned on bear crawls in lieu of runs, but had forgotten that it’s a really fucking long bridge.  Then planks and on to the parking deck past the bridge and back up the ladder on the way with 9-15-21- sets, followed by more hollow rocks.  Back to Walter Byers for wall walkers (they will also catch on) and some more planks to cash us out.  Pipeline had some announcements.

Thanks to Pipeline for the invitation to Q and MC for showing up for it following his late night softball adventures (whatever that is all about).

Final Notes:  My total lack of rhythm has never caused me issues as an adult until having to count in cadence today.  Despite Slaughter’s reassurance, its unlikely to come about with practice.


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