A Quiet Place

Maybe it was because it was Monday? Maybe it was the cool weather? Maybe it was because Rev is out-of-the-country?  Or maybe it was simply because YHC didn’t bring tunes.  Whatever the reason, it was unusually quiet this morning at Diamondhead.

Not just soft mumble chatter quiet but like the kind of quiet when you are a teenage sneaking out of your house in the middle of night to save the world (or whatever it is teenagers do nowadays).

The Thang

Rack your KB and head to Senator Ramos office
COP: SSH/ IW/ Copperhead Squats/ Flutter/ Tricep Curls/ RH Swings/ LH Swings

Rack ’em and roll to Selwyn Elem blacktop/ playground

Ladder 1
6 exercises/10 reps each – run lap around the playground track
Rinse & repeat reducing reps by 2 each round
Exercises: HR Merkins/ Dips/ 2H-Swings/ Hammer Curls/ Lawn Mower (R/L)

Ladder 2
6 exercise/5 reps each – run lap around the playground track
Rinse & repeat reducing reps by 1 each round
Exercises: Burpees/ Pull-ups/ Goblet Squats/ High Pulls/ Renegade Rows (R/L)

Rack & roll – head back to AG parking lot


DH Pax were joined at COP by My Sharona and LaLanne who used AG as their base for their Speed Ruck travels.

Prayer requests for Eye Chart whose father is starting chemotherapy for lung cancer. My Sharona asked for prayers for a long-time friend’s daughter recently diagnosed with thyroid cancer.

Seriously, don’t know why it was so quiet this morning.  Tesla was unusually silent until it was time for the take-out. Fully expected Nibs to complain about our journey to the Selwyn blacktop but there were only crickets.

Grizzly video taped the workout.  Be sure to check it out and notice how much music he adds to fill the dead space:  https://t.co/dGS3CJyDeo

Today’s Larry Birds were Titan and Tango Delta.  To his credit, TD did attempt to stir up the mumble chatter but there were no takers.

For the record, posting a BB on the same day as Fishwrap is like releasing Police Academy 11 the same day as Star Wars: The Last Jedi. (to be clear: my BB = Police Academy/FW = Star Wars)

Appreciate Skoal Bandit and Big Worm allowing YHC the opportunity to Q.  Its always a privilege to lead the men of DH.  It’s ok – you can go read FW’s PWW BB.


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  • July 10, 2018 at 4:46 pm

    No, not true.

    Police Academy 3: Back In Training


    Love the love.

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