Keep Off the Lawn

Thang:  9 pax for fast laps.  12 x 400 @ 10K – 55sec or so.  200m easy recovery.



Aquafresh and Deertick promptly ignored the ‘Stay off the Grass’ sign.  Hopefully they had on track spikes to aerate otherwise the grounds crew will be after them.  Maybe not.  That field is no Augusta.  The Vietcong may have napalmed it.

Having triumphantly returned from 8.5yrs of injury, Freeloader risked it all by jumping a chain link fence multiple times this morning.  Can’t scare that man.  I’ve seen him put Diablo sauce on his Taco Bell.  #doublerisk

Speaking of injuries, we got an extra warm up lap as I didn’t want to be responsible for the death of PBo’s hamstrings.  5.29am arrival for 5.30am interval launch.  Strong.  Had we gone straight into it he’d have been rubbing Diablo sauce on his hammies.

#2 was out there showing everyone who was boss.  I’m struggling to breathe while he’s pushing the pace and making outrageous claims like he invented the question mark.



Stratford YMCA Outreach on Friday and Saturday PM.  Pipeline is heading it up so connect with him if you can make it.

Pick 6 at 5.30pm Thursday followed by Cuda Run for those looking for BRR double downs.

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