SIB: Jackson Browne special

Down to 7 pax this week. Where was Steroid? Cindy? Popper? Powell? Bel Air? Coach? Belly Itcher? CMD? Dover? What about all the dudes who need to get ready for BRR? We had a week with 22 back in May.

I’ll take quality any day. Plus FSL was back so we had to go near(ish) to his house.

My watch reads 7+ miles over ~56 minutes so it was just a nice easy run. Actually today was hills. You need to have some reserves in the tank to run hill intervals. Rolling out of bed and running hills on fumes from last night will leave one seriously light headed.

What we did:

Brandywine – basically a suicide, hard run up to speed bumps and intersections with jog back down, working our way to the top.

Arcadia – Repeats ~7 with the distance turned up to 11 – around the corner at the bottom for some extra hill.

Colony (not Spacklers) – Just some more hills

Spacklers (both sides) – great way to finish it up

So I mentioned everyone not at the workout instead of the pax who showed up. Besides FSL who is early stages of BRR prep (that’s polite, correct?) this crew is looking strong. Nowhere to hide in a small group – but no need to either. Fellowship chatter is low at a workout like SIB though Swamp Fox does a good job keeping it light. Shawshank looked impressive on Arcadia – even though he did not know when it would stop. Great effort. Pro tip – don’t challenge Disney (or Federalist) on anything long OR involving trails. These two are about as steady as it gets. I was looking for Easy Rings to bust out front when we called for “one more” but good to see he left it all out there throughout the workout.

Next Tuesday is time based intervals – no getting left/lost. Everyone runs hard (and recovers) for the same amount of time. This hurts all speeds equally. I’m counting on you to show up.


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