Submarines are Sneaky. Why can’t a Carrier be Sneaky?

I prefer Pax not worry mentally for what is to come.  So I asked Foo not to advertise YHC was today’s ALS Q.

I got to the workout early to warm up a bit and after “hiding” the Carrier Mobile over at SIB, Money pulls up beside me walking over to ALS and asks in his typical Moneyisk manner “Carrier, did you fall out of bed?”  YHC said: “You can’t talk, you are really early too.”  So after ditching my keys and phone with Money, I went on a run to clear my head of the awful things I was about to inflict on the Pax.  Not to say I wasn’t going ahead with those things, but at least they will be out of my head.  Since they weren’t in my head, I also wasn’t apt to apologize for any of it.  What’s to apologize for! Ok, maybe there were a couple of things that could have been left out.  No misdirection with Money.  He didn’t ask if I was the Q, so I didn’t tell him I was Q, but my plan was all about what Money likes – NO RUNNING!

So I get back from my run, timing it so I don’t have to spend too much time in the “Who’s the Q” time before a workout starts.  Almost got to 0530 when Hoedown asked who the Q was today.  YHC: “Foo knows.” A play on “Who Knows!” and not a lie, just a meaningless truth nugget, which gave him no additional data.  Hoedown didn’t ask YHC “Are you the Q?”  YHC would have had to say: “Yea”.  At that point, 30 of us were ready to get on with it.

I naturally start with a few SSH to make them comfortable.  That’s cool – still on the rails.  Everyone is used to SSHs to warm up with.  Back to that part earlier about things I might need to apologize for … After the 20 SSH, I introduced the Surfer Burpee.  Let’s start with just 1.

Surfer Burpee = Jump Squat into CrossFit Burpee Topped Off With Another Jump Squat.

It’s beach time guys, time for some surfing.  What’s important in surfing is catching the wave at the right time and get up off the board quickly and on your feet.  What better exercise than the Surfer Burpee!  Thank me after you dudes come back from your gnarly vacations at the beach and have showed all the ladies how to hang ten on the big curls.  Nevermind, there are no big curls at most of the beaches we go to in the Carolinas, unless you are nuts enough to go out in a hurricane or nor’easter.

Let’s get back to the apologies.  This is what got us started:

SSH 20x
Surfer Burpee (SB) 1x
SSH 18x
SB 2x
that is enough for you to get the idea.

That adds up to just
110 SSHs
55 SBs (which is really 110 jump squats and 55 crossfit merkins)

More beach buffing (abs, quads, and butts):
Sun Worshiper Sit-ups (like a WWII Sit-up, but you reach your arms to the sky rather than touching your toes, so it’s easier, or is it) 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1
And between each set we Lunge Walked to the center of the circle, and Lunged Backwards back to where you started.

More beach buffing (abs, guns, and butts):
Partner up for 11’s of partner derkins and throwdowns.

Believe it or not, this stuff takes time so we moved into the “running” portion of the workout:
Each Pax would take a lap around the outside of the circle (almost everyone was able to do this except one who will remain anonymous, if Shatner’s alias was “anonymous”; but he actually helped us come in almost right on time [does “almost right on time” even go together]) while YHC called various exercises.  Like I said I don’t want he Pax to worry mentally about what is to come.  Nothing new as far as these exercises are concerned.

And then we were done.


Keep Gump’s family in your prayers on the loss of his son who died recently.

Keep Shatner’s friend in your prayers as he fights his illness.

Haywoodfest is coming up in July the Saturday of 24 Hours of Booty.  Swing State could use some help with the BBQ, although when he says help, he doesn’t mean help with his secret recipe for some of the best BBQ around.

I feel like I’m missing some announcements, because at this point I was thinking I had to remember 29 names, and blocked out head space for all of them until Pigskin came through with his phone.

Thanks Foo for pushing Motley aside as Q and allowing me to lead this distinguished group.  Funny how distinguished sounds like extinguished, which I hope everyone was by the end of the workout.  I know I was.


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