Saturdays with Indy

Knowing the potential of 2 FNG’s, Oswald kindly allowed YHC to step in and borrow the Q.  Thanks broseph.

At 7 on the dot, started with some SSH in the lot.  Mostly because Longboat had HC’d the night before in the Twittersphere, and because YHC has been accused of bouncing too quickly.  Longboat, arrived at 7:00:23 and we hit the road.

Mosey to base of Castle for COP.  Squats, merkins, plank jacks, mountain climbers… etc… normal flare.

Head to the first floor of Castle, ask if anyone had attended the 4th of July Convergence.  They hadn’t, which was good, because we did the same thing.  Up the ramps, running backwards up, forward on the flats.  Stopping for 5 hand release merkins at one end and 5 jump squats at the other.  Rocky Top was flying, he may have taken a trip down the steps and back up.  Just to show off.

Some mary at the top.  Then head back down the ramps.  Forward rolling downhill.  Backward on the flats.  5 burpees at each turn.  A lot of burpees.

Attempt to get some fresh air by leaving the Castle.  Can’t find it.  Do some mary.

Mosey toward Charlottetown, brief jaunt on Greenway.  Stop at Captain Jack for 2 rounds of dips, derkins, and step-ups.  Across the street to grab some wall, with air presses.  Head to the bottom-ish of the Lurker.  Do some crosswalk suicides.  At the crosswalks, do 10 monkey humpers, back to the start for 3 burpees each time.

Head back towards home.  ~20 burpees to get us pretty close to 100 for the day.


Double Eagle announced he was leaving early as soon as the last 20 burpees were called.  He wouldn’t have done them anyway, but he normally isn’t that blatant in skipping exercises.  Rocky is fast.  GasX was FNG to Indy.  YHC and Christmas work with both FNG’s and had been working on getting Chosen (Matt) to post for a while now, and he was full of excuses.  Rainbow Kitten (Jordan) was a much easier sell.  Chosen is from NOLA, and a huge Saints fan, and not a huge fan of our QB1.  So, we named him after Cam’s first child, Chosen.  Bounty and Coach O were too nice, sorry GasX.  Rainbow Kitten was an easier name.  It is a band, but the name was too good to not use.

Thanks for given me the keys Oswald.


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