cueball’s made of styrofoam

23 Faithful posted to this fine morning’s edition of HorseyMcHorseFace.  Hours of workout planning with Ann & Hope and Swiper following yesterday’s service yielded the following:

– Warmup mosey from Old Bell lot to bottom of Blue Ridge

– 7 Blue Ridge ascents with diamonds/widearms at top/bottom (10/20, 12/18,…,18/12, 20/10)

– Flutter, dolly waiting for Six

– Partner loops of Mountain View/Wilby; partners reverse direction at each meeting on Wilby

– Pledge and cool down jog back to gravel lot

– COT (thanks, Swiper, for the BOM-less takeout)

Ouch.  First time to McHorsey this season, showed up about 10mins early just to confirm the hills haven’t abated, and quickly reminded of past torture.  Very solid group of men this morning, pretty even mix of A51/Metro.  Probably didn’t sit too well with some that we broke a cardinal rule (“no hands on the ground at Horsey”) right out of the gate with diamond/widearm regimen (only 1 refusenik=success, right?), but we remained vertical for the last 45mins.  Everybody got at least 6.25miles, frontrunners up to 6.5miles.  Thin Mint/Orange Whip took the gold and never showed any wear.  Paula was looking Sofa King Fast ready, with Ann & Hope crying crocodile tears for Blackjack’s departure.  Bunch of guys putting in consecutive days of posting with aggregate mileage starting to creep on up there (Tormund, Taf come to mind).  Today was a grind, and the pax are better for having finished.  Thanks to Nabisco for keeping me honest, pushing on each loop.  Like this BB, I get low points for the creativity of today’s workout.  But pairing the loops with partner work is a game changer.  Yeah, sure, each of us WANTS to get faster and run harder over longer distances.  But there is so much truth to “the spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.”  Willpower’s fickle, and white knuckling’s exhausting and destined to fail.  So, the accountability embedded in partner work is really what makes it work.  This is obvious to all the men who came today.  Yet we still are tempted to go it alone in many areas of life.  Blessed are the men who have invited others into their lives to speak words of Candor.  Thanks, Spooky, for the opportunity to lead this morning and for providing the pax with an unrelenting alternative for BRR prep. Ouch.

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