Cake tastes good

It was a beautiful morning in Midwood. We all decided to sleep in and stick to the best 45 min 7 am Saturday workout around. Two ran 6 @ 6 but they did not stay for the fun. By the end we had five total including a solo FNG.

But we started as 4 because 5$ didn’t appear until later. The four of us started with some SSH, merkins and imperial walkers. Then we moseyed over to country club where we did 5 did burpees at the top, 10 squats a the bottom and the 15 plank jacks at the next top. Then rinse and repeat on the way back up to Midwood baptist.

Over to the wall a the church for some wall sits with a round of air presses and Jack Lalannes. Then we moseyed back to the park for the meat or should I say cake of the morning.

When we got back 5$ was there all out of breath, said he had been sprinting the hood looking for us. Oh well, better late then never.

For the layer cake, first layer 15 jump ups at the stage, then 15 squats at the top of the theater, 15 dips at the park bench and then 20 heels to heaven on the road. Plank and wait for the six. Ten count then we rinse and repeat, with derkins instead of jump ups and LBC’s replacing heels to heaven. Plank again and another ten count.

Then some six inches, rosalita, side lbc, and flutter. We then went backwards, and karaokeed up and down the block. Back at the top of the hill we did 10 last merkins as the busted it back to the parking lot.

FNG Brusier was a horn frog where he was the mascot and also the mascot for a local hockey team as bruiser the bull. Glad he came out, and hope he does again. Only other point was made that a happy hour is needed when Gridlock stops summering at the beach. I happly took us out. Good solid crowd and I was happy to lead.



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