Running with the horses

Yup, still summer with nice humidity early morning, heard some requests for no running, so we decided to do some running.



Quick loop around the top drop-off lot with some high knees, butt kickers and karaoke.

Back to the start to pick up some late arrivals and to continue to warmup on nice uneven ground at the edge of the parking lot: SSH, Merkins, IW, Mountain Climbers and low slow squats.


The Main Course:

Mosey over to the parking deck, since it wasn’t humid enough outside, we had to find a worse spot.

Wall sit loops from the lower parking deck, up the stairs and around back to the wall.

Wall work included air punches, arm raises, hip slappers, donkey kicks and foot raises, depending on the lap.

Think we took small break in there somewhere for some LBCs etc.


Next we moved over to the graveyard lot, for some median merkins all the way down to the far end.

This looked like a good spot, so we switched to merkin/widearm/diamond suicides with jumpsquats from the far end to all 5 medians. This was definitely a bit further than expected.

Stopped for a bit of mary, including some LBCs, Freddy Mercurys and American hammers.


Headed back to the start area and found some railings, quick railing sprints with dips, derkins, irkins and railing steps ups (mountain climbing steps ups is what I went with). Far end of sprint had some LBCs. I believe somewhere in the workout I had some burpees too, but clearly that was a bad idea since my brain removed the memory.


The Wrap:

Great work by the PAX this morning, special shout out to Señor Chips and Backup for being strong and Pigskin for circling back regularly to check on the six, much appreciated sir. We ended up with 2.5 miles, which is a bit high for the Charge, but there were almost no complaints (at least as far as I could hear). It is an honor to lead this group, especially with so many deserving extra respect in the COT (even a triple respect).



Keep members of F3 and their families who are dealing with medical issues in your thoughts and prayers.

Thanks to pigskin for taking us out.

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