Smoked myself out of a Job

Good looking group of men out there today.  We freaking crushed it at Bandit today.


Into the park to the tennis court lot for COP.  10 hand release burpees OYO, Merkin burn out (regular, diamond, widearm, stagger left, stagger right) with no rest, then finally some low squats.

Partner up and do some chaser work up New Hope Rd to East Blvd.  Partner A does 10 diamonds, Partner B backwards run towards east.  Catch and Switch.   15 hand slap merkins and 15 partner sit ups at the top.   Back down to tennis lot and repeat.

Mary while we wait on the Pax, then over to the owl bars through the spiderwebs (which were still on me by the time i got home).

15 Pull Up, 30 Merkins, and 50 LBCS  x3 rounds.  Dips and Squats to collect the pax.

Over to the train lot for more partner work.   Partner A runs the lot, Partner B does burpees.   Switch and keep going until you collectively hit 100.   Most guys got in 50 burpees.

Run back to base, some opting to run through the water cannon sprinkler on the fields and cool off with the hog water.

10 burpees at the stop sign, then AYG home.



This workout totally sucked today.  Milage and tons of full body exercises….with rep counts above normal (i.e. sets of 15 pull ups.).   Good to see the Pax push themselves to get all the reps in, even if they had to split it up a bit or just go to failure….that’s how to get stronger.

Great to see Bermuda Boy surprise the pax on his bike.   Actually saw him creeping around in the dark during the warm up run in the park.   Glad to see he stuck around found us at the Owl bars to join in the circuit work.   He’s been through a lot of injuries and set backs this year.  It’s awesome to see him again and hope to have him back with us full-time soon.

Most importantly – today was my last post as Bandit site Q.   It’s been a good run over the last year and a half or so.  I’ve learned a lot and really appreciate the confidence Nash had in me to take over the reins from him.  I honestly have no good rationale for stepping down other than it felt right.  I could have lead this thing forever, i love this group and the AO.  SO MANY OPTIONS.   However in the spirit of F3 and continuing to bring up the next generation of leaders I felt it was time to give someone else an opportunity, just like Nash did for me.   Time for a fresh injection of youthful energy, so that ruled out the majority of the Bandit pax that are older than 33 yrs of age.  I had one option at that point, our 24 yr old man PAULA.  Just kidding man, you were the first person i thought of.     In all seriousness, I’ve seen Paula dive into F3 head first and blind folded since i first had coffee with the job seeking version of Paula right out of under-grad trying to network with everyone in CLT.   Told him to meet me at a workout and i’ll hook him up professionally…..quid pro quo.   He showed up and hasn’t turned back since.  He’s grow a ton professionally (at WF of course) and personally (wife / house).   I’m excited for him and what he’s cooking up to keep Bandit a varsity workout that’s also FNG friendly for all the Millennials and Gen Zs he’s going to recruit.   Don’t worry old guys, this will always be an equal opportunity workout as long as you can keep up.

I took us out in Prayer.


Nash – thanks for the Keys to Bandit.

Paula – don’t loose them.


-Redd Foxx


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