There was an ambulance at Ranger

Pulling in I saw 2 things. An ambulance. And Dredd performing his #oldman hip-flexers. Followed closely by the #newregime of McAdoo, Ramen, and some other millennials. #batflippers numbered 1, #oldmen numbered 3, millenials were up at about 5 (yes CMD, I count you), the old money was at 4, and one smiling #americancholo.

What it was

  • Gather ’round, everyone gather ’round. 10 burpees
  • Off to Hawthorne and 5th. Run 5th to the fire tower across 7th st. 5 x-fits and 20 flutters each side street. Yes Checkpoint, double count. Which means a total of 40 leg movements. You can either count to 40 every time a leg moves up or down OR you can count slowly to 20 in a two-syllable style so that each syllable is a leg movement. Just count silently. That was 1.25 miles and 9 cross streets.
  • Mary to wait.
  • Partner up. ‘Round the ‘U’ for 10 partner derkins and 10 partner leg throw-downs each. Meet 6 times (for 3 laps).
  • Plant to wait.
  • To the center section for dips and jump-ups.
  • Run to that back road behind the apartments. Run up the long-ass hill stopping at every power pole for 5 SJSs.
  • Back over to 5th St and back to Hawthorne the same way we came.
  • WAIT, WAIT, WAIT for the 6 (because that’s what we do). Jailbreak home.
  • COT PRECISELY at 6:15 #tightship

In other news

  • Snoop brought his flag. Used to be a thing in Metro. Still is everywhere else. Snoop won’t let it die. Hats off to you and happy 49th birthday. Come to Sweet 6 tomorrow to see Snoop do the course running with the flag as he does every year at his birthday.
  • Crockett. Turns out he is Narc’s dad. This was his second workout. Good show father and son. Neither wore sleeves.
  • Turns out the ambulance was full of dead (murdered) technicians. It seems the patient was a criminal hauled from a grizzly crime scene. He (or she) killed the technicians, ditched the van in this darkened parking lot, and fled on foot. At least this was one theory. Cindy’s was that Hitman was in there doing what it is that Hitman does.
  • 3.4 miles by my count. Fast, sweaty, Ranger miles. I’ve been coming to Ranger for 6 years now. Always hard to find new terrain. But we never seem to run out.
  • Team #rifty was a low 2. #batflipper only one. Must be summertime. All forces to re-unite in the fall.
  • Did I mention Tormund. Slimmer, faster, and somehow quieter. Once in the back, now towards the front. Well, he was IN front today up the power pole apartment hill. Nice work dragon-slayer, nice work.
  • Thanks CMD for continuing to run this thing. You do a fine job. And thanks to Stinger who drove past several workouts to come to this one; and not say much. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

Until next time. 

Your friend, 


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