Always remember to pillage BEFORE you burn –

YHC had the privilege of leading 19 pax through Cotswold on a beautiful Tuesday morning. EC (i.e. foreplay) began at 5:15 am, promptly with a ~2.0 mile jog through the neighborhood. The jog turned into a sprint when Co-site Q Grizzly informed YHC that we had 4 minutes to cover the last .75 mile. Not a big deal for some, but much faster than fellowship pace for the intended EC. Did I happen to mention that YHC turned his right ankle at 5:17 am, after promptly leaving the shovel flag. Well it happened. Distracted by an oncoming automobile, lights shining in our faces, coming right for us. It was a Pax looking for the AO. Well, YHC hit a speed bump in just the right spot and rolled right onto the ankle. After a few hobbles, we continued on for glory.

The EC pax rolled back into the AO at 5:31 sharp. So, not time for pleasantries. We rolled on through the cheese grader for a jaunt around back for COP, which included:

30 SSH, 20 copperhead squats, some IW, requisite ‘merkins, mountain climbers (i think), peter parker (or parker peters). Yes we definitely did some form of spiderman exercise.

Alright, good and warm. Mosey to the top-ish of Montclair Ave. Stop at Chandler Pl.

Dispense instructions:

On my command: Head back towards AO, continue to Westbury RD. At every lit streetlight (either side) 6 hand-release, head slap ‘merkins. The purpose of the hand-release and the head slap is to facilitate proper form and eliminate the cheat. Some of the pax were pretty creative with the form. The cheat was not eliminated, but likely reduced. Oh well.

Recovery lunges for the 6.

on our 6 for some Mary. Cadence count freddie mercury’s, LBC’s, oblique crunches (both sides). Panda indicated that we likely woke up the neighbors. YHC should have guided the pax towards whisper count (Q-fail).

Mosey to the corner of Westbury and Robin where we find a nice little hill. Panda indicated that one of the neighbors @ the corner complained about the noise. He then mentioned something about a pillow-party. Not sure what that meant, but I pretended to completely follow his terminology.

Partner-up. size and speed are no matter.

P1: run up Robin to Sharon Amnity

P2: Do some squats until P1 returns. flapjack.

In combo, P1&P2 do 100 squats.

Next, P1 run up the same hill

P2: Do some lunges until P1 returns. flapjack

In combo, P1&P2 do 200 lunges.

Next, P1 run up the same hill.

P2: LBCs. flapjack.

In combo, P1&P2 do 100 LBCs.

The 100 LBCs took no time for these mathletes. P1 counted 100 LBCs before P2 returned. Whatevs.

In retrospect, the order should have been 100 lunges, 200 squats and 300 LBCs. Oh well.

GOP with the 20 count.

On our bellies. 5 burpees. mosey to AO. Finish the last 75 seconds with some mary on the cheek grader.

Welcome FNG, Pillager. Charlotte native and North Meck Viking. Viking to Leif Erikson to Pillager. Also, he’s a pharma rep, so the “Pill” works there too.

GOP with the beeeuuuatiful take-out.

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