Someone named a dude “Sloppy Seconds”

Extra Credit (Pax of 1, so no one else really cares):2 miles at a ~7:30 pace. West on Sharon Lane, saw a super-skinny fox (literally – I’m talking about the 4-legged mammal), right on Foxcroft (ironically), right on Sanford, right on Ferncliff, through PUMC parking lot (Armor AO), back down Providence to St. Gabe’s. Find 52 eyeballs staring back at me. Grab gloves, and on to:

Main event (Pax of 27):Frogger across Prov. Road to top of parking deck for COP loud enough to disrupt the spin class and whoever else pays to exercise there: SSH x15, merkins x10, squats x15, merkins x10, dolly x15.

Down the stairs to the #hotbox. Partner up. P1 does knee-ups on the yellow bar while P2 runs to other end and back. Repeato x3. Full group backwards run and mosey back. Partner wheelbarrow down to the wall. Each pair of Pax grabs one (1) full-sized cinderblock and heads out.

Mosey south to Trinity Pres slightly overgrown grassy area, with blocks in hand (#crowdpleaser). Partner up again – P1 does 10 curls, 10 squats, 10 overhead presses with the block while P2 planks. Then switch. Repeato x3. Then P1 planks on the cinderblock while P2 jumps over his legs/feet 10 times. Switcheroo. Deposit blocks by the sidewalk (Grapevine very happy at this point) and head south.

Left on Rutledge, stop half-way down in a vacant lot for some SSH, 5 burpees, 15 jumping lunges, 5 burpees. Continue to Randolph, after a brief sweeping for the 6. Frogger across Randolph to the quite nice field next to Providence Baptist Church. Multiple sprints across, starting at 50% effort and up to AYG, following by karaoke across and back.

Summit the amazing hill at the west end (BRR season), re-cross Randolph, and back down Rutledge…stop halfway for what would have been partner runs up and down the hill, but realized we’re short on time, so just head on back. Pax kindly returned the 35-pound cinderblocks back to the #hotbox, which YHC much appreciated, even though it made us 2 minutes over time (cobains). Some Mary back at St. Gabe’s until everyone is back. Finis.

The Skinny

We left sweat on the grounds of 3 different denomination’s land today – Catholic, Presbyterian and Baptist. Counting my solo EC, it was 4, as I cut through Methodist land at PUMC (did I mention that’s the Armor AO, which is back from the dead? And that Lee has the Q tomorrow? Forgive me if I’m being repetitive here).

Old songs that I like right now: Howard Jones’ “No One is to Blame,” Paul Simon’s “Graceland” and “Hey, That’s No Way to Say Goodbye” by Leonard Cohen.

There were 2 Grizzlies among the Pax there this morning. That’s weird. And the one without the beard claims he’s the original. Hmmmm….

Swift is getting back into a F3 routine, but got stuck with my non-accommodating self for the partner work today…I called him ‘Taylor’ for a while, then left him for the first cinderblock carry, and made him demo the partner planks in front of everyone else. Thanks for hanging in there, Swift, and see you at another workout soon (Armor’s always an option).

60s/70s/80s bands I’ve just gotten into recently: The Moody Blues, New Order, Morrissey, The Smiths, The Cure. I don’t really like Van Morrison. I wish Prince was still alive.

Thanks for the keys, Hollins. This is always a great group of Pax. Except during the Extra Credit part if it’s advertised as 100% running. They suck at that.

Oh, and Armor is back – 0600 Fridays at PUMC – not just for summer this time. Not sure I mentioned that yet…


2 thoughts on “Someone named a dude “Sloppy Seconds”

  • July 20, 2018 at 5:01 pm

    I bet you didn’t run that fast in EC.

    Van Morrison is good, but I read somewhere that he was a jerk. who knows the truth, but I choose to believe it because I like hearing about things like that.

    The two Grizzly thing is causing a lot of stress on the pax. Recently, it rattled Fishwrap and now you. I think we need to eliminate one of them. The bearded one doesn’t wear socks and nearly knocked me out when he took his shoes off after the workout. I will leave it to you to choose which criteria you think is best in determining who needs to go…..

  • July 20, 2018 at 5:02 pm

    also, I don’t really know Chicken Noodle, but it makes me happy every time he announces himself.

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