Big Weggie at Sparta

14 Friday Faithfuls posted to Sparta today for another episode of the full body boot camp, with some running.  We covered about 3.5 miles while hitting Doobie’s Merkin quota, requirement to include pull ups, and even some reverse cowgirl wheel barrels.

Down the hill and left on Mcdonald to the first speed bump for COP.  SSH, Squats, Merkins.

Big Weggie:  partner up and run opposite direction on McDonald forming an ugly looking triangle of the Bike shop (southern point), Eds tavern, and corner of Ideal/Mcdonald.  Total loop is 8/10 of a mile.

Lap one, stop at the corners (3 of them) for 30 LBCS, when you cross paths with partner twice a lap, 15 hand slap merkins.

Lap 2 – add 20 merkins to the corner stops

Lap 3 – add 10 burpees to the corner stops.

Mary at the entrance to tramp stamp park while the pax gathers.

Into the park to the playground for 3 rounds of 12 pull ups and 20 Dips.

Back to the school hill.

Bear Crawl from bottom to flat part (mid-point) then partner wheel barrel to the school.



Lots of good things happening this morning.  The 3 loops ate up a lot of time but the pax surprisingly stayed pretty tight, misery loves company.   Only waited the equivalent of about 25 flutters for the 6 to arrive.  Everyone was pushing or everyone was slow….i like the former.

Got a good chest and shoulder burn today.  Adding 2 extra pull ups (12 instead of 10) does make a difference.  Gotta stretch your limits a bit.

Doobie has trouble getting himself upright after lying down without knocking into someone or cutting someone off.  Must be vertigo.

Good to have Double Nickel back with us after an stint on the IR and spending time with the F3 needler, aka physical therapist.

Curly, Slice, and Doobie back in action after lots of vacation time.  I could smell the booze and ice cream coming out of their pores.

Dib and his M on the final countdown to Baby #2 arrival, prayers for them.


Missing De is leading a BRR training run at Midwood tomorrow, even though he’s not running BRR.

Haywood stock is next friday.  Family friendly, food, booze, and band.

Double Nickel has an improv show tomorrow night at the Second Door, or Stage Door.  It’s uptown near Blumenthal.  Proceeds going to a worth cause supporting youth.

Tommy Lee’s band is playing at Dilworth food truck friday, next friday.  I hear Pam Anderson’s milk jugs are making an appearance next to the taco stand.

Double Nickel with the take out.

Enjoy the weekend.  Thanks for the keys Doobie and TS.


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  • July 20, 2018 at 1:42 pm

    Foxx. Nice mix of suck this morning. I was expecting more burpees, but the ones we did stacked on top of the other exercises during the Big Weggie was more than enough for my post vacation arse.

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