Who Pushes Who?

I struggled for a couple of weeks to write this backblast.

Part of me wanted to simply send the link to the video.

I still believe that it may be the best way to understand and express what Speed For Need means to the community.

Anniversaries and Celebrations

I’m frequently accused of downplaying the importance of anniversaries, birthdays, milestones. It’s a fair criticism. Maybe my lack of sentimentality is just a cover to keep me from getting choked up – or to avoid getting cocky over things accomplished. As Crash told Nuke, “The moment’s over.” Shift the focus to what is ahead. Let’s keep moving forward. What’s next?

But it is important to look back also.

While we need to live in each moment and appreciate it to the fullest, looking back and reflecting brings the emotions of the moment into sharper focus. The relationships developed with our Track Commanders and their families; the enthusiasm shared by by everyone who contributes to making a SFN race happen; the sense of joy and connection when you see the joy expressed by all members of the team – these are powerful (did I mention there is a video?). Let’s use them to push us forward.

Each individual has their own memory of the event. These stories are important – not just for sharing with each other – but at a personal level they define what an SFN race means for them.

When SFN started in 2017 we did not know where it would take us. Just a couple of F3 guys and a wheelchair. One year later we have 8 wheelchairs, a committed volunteer board of directors, countless race volunteers and relationships with FiA, schools, churches, non-profits and other community groups supporting the special needs community.

In this part of the backblast I would typically talk about our track commanders. With eight (8!) of them I’m too worried that I will get a detail wrong or leave someone out. I’ve got an idea – watch the video again to see who was part of our 1-year anniversary race.

Where will SFN go in year two? What stories will our next anniversary bring? Maybe we will have more racing chariots. Maybe we will participate in more races. New track commanders; new runners pushing, new volunteers, more regions of F3 involved. At this point we don’t know where the road will take us. Whatever the path we won’t measure success solely by the numbers of races and people pushed.

Let’s focus on the relationships we are building; the joy and camaraderie between track commanders and drivers; and the memories we create fore everyone involved in Speed For Need.

Thanks to everyone who has supported this effort in any form during the last year.

Take a moment to enjoy what Speed For Need accomplished in year one (oh yeah the video).

Let those memories inspire you to get involved in year two.

Who Pushes Who?


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