15 hosers posted for a sweat fest at AG this morning, for the first John Boy Q in a while.
Music: Canadian name-that-tune included Blue Rodeo, April Wine, Tragically Hip, Matthew Good, Rush, Loverboy, etc.
Warm Up: SSH, IW, ST, Merkins, Mountain Climbers
Mosey over to parking lot for grinders, and the departure of the ruckers.
3 man teams ground out lunges, squats, mountain climbers, dry docks, planks while the runner transported two kettle bells back and forth.
Then we took off over to the BB court for more partner work, P1 using the wall for steps ups, declines, then lawn mowers and renegade rows… P2 runs to gazebo for a variety of pull ups and dips.
Transitioned into abs as the skies opened up… then COT back at the parking lot. 

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