SIB: Happy, Free, Confused, and Lonely

17 pax.

We did running. Some of it fast(ish). The end.

Kind of tempting to stop there….


But I suppose I could make a marginally better effort.

Warm up was about 0.96 mile over to Rexford. 8 repeats of 0.55 miles (jog about 0.18 miles recovery). Cool down back to AG. These distance are incredibly scientific. Actually most designed to (1) correspond with easy to remember landmarks on Rexford; and (2) annoy people who prefer nice round numbers.

Maverick is slowly catching up to me in age. Just a few more years until he passes me. Checkpoint wasn’t going to let him sneak through a workout without calling out his birthday. Sounds like various BRR teams are rounding into form – replacing the injured, trying to find a ringer, or just fill out a poorly conceived roster. More than a month to go – your team might be unrecognizable in a few weeks with all the drops/adds to come. Pusher (or Popper? or someone) hatching a plan to Gillooly some opposing team in order to win the big BRR $ (or F3 glory or whatever).  I’m just saying be careful if someone strange hanging around your car after work. Narc posted for his first SIB representing Team USA and wearing some vintage cotton socks. Also using the socks for old school key storage – who needs a fancy running belt when your socks have all the space needed for your valuables. Bel Air was the official interval counter today. After enough times around the loop you can lose count as your mind wanders to when will this end… who is taking a shortcut… why are all these cars on Rexford before 6AM… but Bel Air stays on top of it. Lee is now officially a SIB regular. Maybe we will declare Narc a regular also – it’s a low bar. Overall a tight group – I can still remember all the names 6 hours later so you know we don’t have new guys.

Next week is August. We will still avoid the track. How about some hills? Technically not next on the rotation but feels like the right thing to do with BRR.

Who’s feeling 22? Act your fitness age and then go improve it – my advice for the day.


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