Who Pulls Who

Speed for Need had its first experience pulling riders at the 24hrs of Booty event. We were there to showcase the services of Speed for Need as a sample for the 24 foundation to get acquainted with us ( currently only 2 bike attachments for the total of 8 chairs ) . We are planning to be more involved next year and are asking interested Pax with riding skills to ink this in the calendar! We agreed to show up and be available with no scheduled riders. That quickly changed when John Morris developed vertigo and his sight worsened ( his story below). We also took a few survivors around for a single lap. We brought more Joy into the world!

John Morris
His story and the intersection of efforts to provide joy to a person in need at the 24 hours of booty.
Johns life was similar to many of us until about 10 months ago. He had a career, a wife and 2 young girls. On a work golf outing he was having a great round of golf but struggling to see where the ball was going. A few weeks later he had a car accident because his vision was less than what he was accustomed to. John found out he has a inoperable cancerous brain tumor. He had to have part of his skull removed because of the swelling . This has progressively taken most of his sight and limited his ability to move like he had been used to all his life. One thing that has kept him going was the idea of his friend Marshall piloting him while he enjoyed the 24 hob Booty on the back of a tandem bike. He practiced daily, while fighting his cancer battle, to do his part as the co pilot. It kept him going and fueled his optimism about the future. Johns vision and health kept declining which led to a hospital stay where they were not able to sure his vertigo and the day before the race where he vomited for 14 hours straight. The hospital crew put him on IV to restore his strength but it was clear he would not get back enough strength or balance to ride the tandem. Johns friends Marshall, Rob and Kevin scrambled to find a way for him to participate in the event. They thought that they might be able to find a rickshaw or something that would work. One of the ran into someone who knew Spencer Lueders aka “Booty” at the Costco the night before. Their contact with Booty led to a connection to Kevin Young “ Jrr Tolkien “ .
On Friday night July 27 we met John Morris as we transferred him into the speed for need racing chair. He and his family were amazingly grateful and appreciative for the opportunity. His friend Marshall attached his bike to the chair and off we went to the start line. We did a reverse route to the start line which put John as the lead person in the front of the 1000 bikes along with sir purr in the lead lap/survivors lap. The idea was he would go around the 3 miles route once. Instead they went twice! Johns had so much fun and his family was so appreciative! He recounted as the “perfect day”. We got a message from john family on Saturday morning that he wanted to come back. We not only set up his friend Marshall to take him around again 2x, we also supplied a second chair to take each of his kids around with him for one of the laps. We rode them up beside him in the sections that were wide enough to go side by side. He had a great time- his family including his Mom and dad, cousins and other extended family all came and experienced this with him!
This is a great story of serving others in a time if need.

Honored to be part of this,


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