Sweet 6 Preblast: Reverse Your Stride, Speed Up Your Ride

Reverse Route

From Christ Episcopal

Be back by 6:15a

  • 8+ pace & the Muthahsip crew (2x up gets 7.25 miles and a “I Crushed Your Mutha” patch), launch 5:15 am
  • 7:30 – 8 pace, launch 5:20 am
  • 7:30 or better, launch 5:25 am

Last mile (starting at Starbucks) do 20 seconds on (not a sprint), 40 seconds off x 6.  These are called strides.  Benefits include;

  • stretch the legs up after a steady, easy run
  • encourage fast twitch muscle gain – incorporate speed work without taxing your legs
  • opportunity to work on mechanics for race day – easy to focus on form for 20 seconds
  • getting into the habit/gaining comfort with a kick at the end of a race
  • BRR blah blah blah
  • sweet calf muscle tone
  • hair* rocking in the wind
  • the chance to look really fast as you pull into the lot (to those that were faster than you and beat you back)

*gnats gliding off your sweaty dome for those that sport the no hair/no maintenance look


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