Chaos & Uncertainty

This one started off in chaos with a giant oak limb crashing down on the northbound lane of Carmel Road at approximately 5:29:30, almost took out Hamlet’s car (and Hamlet)…..

COP: merkins x20, Low Slow Squat x10, Parker Peter x10, merkins x20, all IC.

Kirk set up a cone to warn approaching traffic and instructions were given for AYG down to Colony and Sharonview (~1mile). Chinese downhill was not called but that’s how it went. Flutters and LBCs on the 6.

Kirk was out front with a solid effort from Sweater Vest, who may or may not have known where he was running to. I’ve been told that Boomer wiped out in some mud on the way down. He’ll have to confirm or deny.

Back up the hill with more merkins, LSS, wide-arms, LBCs, and Parker Peter at various spots (Keep the pax together).

Back into C@C lot for the always-dramatic sight of M Aqua’s Highlander.

Catch me if you can: With rampant pre-existing injury conditions we only ended up with 2 groups instead of the obvious 3 groups of 3. Rotate through with first man carrying 45# hard rubber plate, head start while group does 10 squats and chases him down, etc for first lap. 2nd lap, 10 monkey humpers, 3rd lap, 10 jump squats. The group of four (Hamlet, Kirk, Aqua, Chappy) won out.

Return to the Highlander where I managed to carom a plate off my foot getting set up for the next phase:

Grab steel 15kg (33#) authentic Joe Weider plates. Yes, hairburner time. 3 groups of 3 this time. One man hairburners to the other side of the lot and back while other two rotate through AMRAP 5 diamonds, 10 Russian Twists (double count), 5 Mike Tysons, thought I mostly saw guys sitting when not hairburnering. Oh well.

We got through 4 rounds of Tabata sprints (20 sec on, 10 sec off) as a finisher.

Hamlet took us out.

No shortage of drama at the Gov this day, but no serious injuries thankfully. Hope everyone got better. Great to see Gizzard and Sweater Vest out. Where have Jamboree and Cooter been?

Until next time,


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