8@8 Preblast: “Work it”

Apparently it’s BRR season and people are starting to run. And, more people are showing up at 8@8, which is putting more pressure on the Q to come up with a good route.

People aren’t afraid to share their route feedback post-run, either. I’ve received an “A-” and a “that route was worse than Subway’s reenactment of this Missy Elliott cover that’s making it’s way on the internet.”

This one’s probably somewhere in the middle. It’ll give you some hills to practice suffering on.


  • Down Selwyn until it dead ends
  • Right on Park Rd
  • Right on Mockingbird Ln
  • Left on Hedgemore Dr.
  • Right on Abbey
  • Right on Montford
  • Left on Woodlawn
  • Right on Brandywine
  • Left on Selwyn
  • Left on Tranquil
  • Right on Westfield
  • Right on Hillside
  • Left on Selwyn
  • Left on Ridgewood
  • Right on Westfield
  • Veer left back onto Selwyn and take it back to the lot


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