It’s like a sauna in here

6 studs terkels knew it would hurt too much to say goodbye to Checkpoint at Sweet Six and opted to hold back their tears at the Tank this morning.

Curly didn’t want me to hog all the gold stars at EC, so he joined me for some pec work on Baxter, where we found all 4 corners of a triangle with merkins, wide arms and diamonds. #isosceles #smedium

Stop back by the lot to grab the rest of the crew and head back up Baxter to Queens with burpees all the way there.

Cross Queens and pull into the garage on Caswell for some 7 Ups (pull-ups and burpees).

Head over to the parking garage on Providence for some partner merkins up the stairs. The last time I was at this deck was when Lee took us at Ranger. Just long enough for me to forget how well ventilated the stairwells are in that place… It’s a sweat lodge. And you are pretty much guaranteed to get off at the wrong floor at least once because of the 3 different basement floor options. When you open the door to the fresh air on the top floor, you feel like Andy Dufresne coming out of that sewer tunnel in Shawshank.

Reverse route it back to the lot on Baxter with diamonds along the way.


DIB and Thrust are having babies soon. Keep them and their families in your prayers.

Thanks for the takeout Hillary.

Thanks for the keys and Ranger Q Curly.


2 thoughts on “It’s like a sauna in here

  • August 9, 2018 at 7:43 pm

    CMD. That was fantastically awful!! It had to be a 20 degree difference inside those stairwells. I just hate only 6 of us got to enjoy it!!

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