Sweet 6 BB: Camp Clap

F3 Super Dad Camp is this weekend and I’ve been practicing all the camp songs and the camp clap.  My favorites are “In #HIM We Trust”, “#HIM to the Brim”, “SYITG fo Shiggy”, “Aye 4 an Aye” and “There Ain’t No Room for your Doom in the Gloom”.

For those that don’t know, that last one is a little dark at the beginning – the set up is and FNG that finally comes out after years of badgering, sorry encouragement, by GAAP.  He’s at a bad place in life – his work is a grind, his kids are wearing on him, his wife doesn’t seem interested but boy does it pick up at the end.  Homeboy starts getting his fat a$$ out of bed at 5am and a few months in, he’s a changed man.  Soon he’s sporting a new Beamer, his kids think he’s cool again and the wifey is very pleased.  Very.

The songs are catchy so those aren’t as hard to learn but the camp clap can be a little tricky.  Of course it’s not just a clap thing, you have to work in some merkins and monkey humpers and Baryshnikovs.  You can YouTube it for further instruction.

F3 Super Dad Camp is a melting pot of sorts.  Most of the local groups and regions are there from NC, SC and TN.  Yeah, we’re all part of F3 Nation but like the MLB, NFL or NBA, when we’re on the same turf it’s you against me homie.

And 10 minutes into it, I usually start hating the other guys.  I don’t like their slogans, their shovel flags, their shirt colors, their goofy #hashtags.  Compared to Metro, they suck.  All of them.

Metro is the OG.  The Don.  The Alpha.

Our back of the pack (6 I believe) is your front of the pack.  E’er day.  All Day.  Period.  P.E.R.I.O.D.


But I like that they try.

I appreciate their effort.

I think it’s good for the game that every once in a while they win.






Maybe they get on a hot streak and win for a while.

But we made it.  It was built in Metro.

Dredd made it.  OBT made it.  DasHitMan made it.  Cindy made it – that’s right b!tches, MFCindy.

Swamp Fox made it too hard.

Ben Franklin pissed it off.

Ice 9 puked it up and swallowed it back down.

Sweeper Boy gave it rhythm & made it sing.

bunny ran it hard.  Really hard.

Fishwrap made it weird.  Really weird.

Gandalf and Caesar gave it a trophy.

TD talked it up.

5-0 talked it up more.

Checkpoint & Hillary reset the bar on what it means to be young.

Stinger grinded it to death.

Legends were born here gentlemen.  You other camp-clappers are here because of these cats.

Legends fellas.


It was right here in Metro.

It will be right here in Metro.

We have a new crop of ballers, earth shakers, path blazers carrying the torch.  Future legends.

Watch and learn my fellow F3 Super Dad Campers.  Watch and learn.


4 thoughts on “Sweet 6 BB: Camp Clap

  • August 9, 2018 at 12:28 pm

    Great BB FB.

    2nd paragraph in ur BB sounds like Dredd. Just saying…

    Big crowd for S6.

  • August 9, 2018 at 1:53 pm

    Well said Ballz. Wish I was gonna be at Dads camp to see the showdown.

  • August 9, 2018 at 2:02 pm

    CP – You can start a Grand Dads camp soon. I’m about ten years behind you but it would be great if the kinks were worked out before I post.

  • August 9, 2018 at 10:29 pm

    What punk ass hated this B.B.? Speak up. Put down your Fortnight session and show your face. I’ll be here with beer helmet and chainsaw app waiting…

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