Be Quiet

I believe this represents the second week in a row without Eminem as Q. By the way, next week is open. Better jump in or “U No Who Will B D Q”.


We started off with the typical up-down set of exercises, with a twist. I decided that as long as we’re down, we could do an ab exercise as well.








Stagger arm merkins



Heels to Heaven

Stagger arm merkins flapjack






Then we crossed the street to the field with the Silver Ball for:


5 minutes of Burpees


Next, we did 11s with the low walls close to the street for dips and the bottom of the stairs down to the walkway for squats.


Next, we mosied to the Metropolitan where there is a little stage area and did:




Torpedo reminded me that people live here and so I had to hold down the noise. So I decided maybe we should move. We went over to the entrance to the parking deck at Target so we would have a wall available to us.


People’s Chair/air press

BTTW shoulder slaps

People’s chair/Lalanne

BTTW Australian mountain climbers


Back to the field and line up by the Silver Ball:

Bear crawl to the first lamp post, crab walk to the first concrete post, burpee broad jump to the second concrete post, mosey to the end and backwards run to the start.




Next, run and belly touch at the 2 lampposts and the 2 concrete posts, backwards run to the start.


Back to the parking lot for 5 minutes of Mary and a little stretching.


For the record, Kiefer was on-time and answered correctly when Foo asked him the name of the band “driving that train, high on discontinued Coca-Cola Ingredient” (Grateful Dead). He also correctly identified ‘Baba O’Riley’ but missed on the name of band singing ‘Roundabout’. Still, pretty good. “cause 2 out of 3 ain’t bad”.


Nibbler showed up and led the hecklers in choruses of ‘up-down, up-down’. I seemed to hear some other complaining coming from that area of the Pax. It’s good to feel appreciated.

Geppetto made his inaugural visit. Traveled here on bicycle no less. All the way from Wilmington. Welcome! Lalanne brought his son, Clementine. No Money today so Hollywood got the honors for the oldest. Very impressive performance by Hollywood. Of course, Eminem was there to jump in and take over as Q in case I faltered. That’s a lot of pressure on me.


But the worst criticism came from the guy in the cotton shirt. He wants me to get an app for my phone to play the music. Really? Is there something wrong with using a turntable? It was the technology used when I first heard that music.


Tesla with the take-out


Retired from Duke Energy after 40 years as an accountant.

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