Dropping Like Flies

12.75 finished the week strong

The Thang:

Merkins with both hands on bells x 15

Hot mosey over to the wall at the edge of the park.

  • 10 step ups with bells, then run to the playground for 5 pull ups and run back. 5 burpees every time you cross the b-ball court. Repeat for 3 rounds. Handful of flutters at various angles til the 6.

Over to the field

  • Partner #1 sprints to the hill and back while Partner #2 does right arm snatches as his partner goes out, and left arm snatches while his partner heads back. Flap jack. Repeat x 3.

Out of the rice paddies and over to the school driveway.

Goblet Squats in cadence x 12, then AYG to Euclid. 10 burpees. AYG back.

  • Partner #1 sprints to the end of the bricks (about half way to Euclid) and back while Partner #2 does right arm thrusters as his partner goes out, and left arm thrusters while his partner heads back. Flap jack. Repeat x 3. Short plankerama til the 6.

Goblet Squats in cadence x 12, then AYG to Euclid. 10 burpees. AYG back.

Over to the tennis courts. Drop your bells cuz we’re running out of time.

  • Sprint to the 3rd court – 10 wide arms, back – 10 wide arms, to the fence – 20 wide arms, back – 20 wide arms
  • AYG sprints x 4



  • Ok, Maybe they weren’t dropping like flies, but KC rolled his old-man ankle in the saturated field before we audibled to the pavement (Stinger said it was on purpose so he could stop running), then Hillary quit ¾ of the way thru the workout, then Ice pulled a calf on the tennis courts. Nobody’s looked too serious, certainly hoping all are ok.
  • Stinger finally let somebody else Q for once which was nice. He also earned his 500th consecutive day of working out chip at the end – remarkable!
  • Think that’s my first Alibi encounter. He crushed the step-up/playground circuit (which is harder than it sounds), and took over for Ice9 trying to box out Narc on a few of the sprints. Strong effort!
  • You can tell Hillary’s been summering at the Vineyard since he made George Hamilton look pale, but he and Ice were still fast on the partner work.
  • We weren’t attacked or even threatened by an owl today. So all in all a pretty good start.
  • Great work keeping Combine rolling, Narc! Thanks for the keys.


Some truly awesome stuff happening with the pax around the CLT community. Here are just a few mentioned this morning:

  • Strong F3 turnout last night for the ‘I am 24/7’ block party in Grier Heights (Stinger, KC, Dredd, Monkey, Cougar, Snowflake, Sub 4). If interested in learning more Stinger’s your man.
  • Curly let us know what’s happening with Revolution on Sat mornings as well as Black Men Run on Monday evenings.
  • KC reminded us about the great things Pipeline, Slaughter and others are doing with Fortitude on Tuesdays.

And countless other endeavors, this is just what we discussed this morning.

If you’re not inspired by what the men of F3 are doing, you’re not posting enough!


3 thoughts on “Dropping Like Flies

  • August 10, 2018 at 11:24 am

    I went down because we were running on water basically. I blame the Q

  • August 10, 2018 at 1:51 pm

    Hillary x .82, not .75
    Always have to leave at 6:07 on Fridays.
    TML, that was 37 minutes of gasping for air. ICE 9 was flying out there. Pound for Pound always delivers.

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