Sweet 6 BB: Letters from Camp

Letters from Camp

I went to F3 Dad’s Camp this past weekend, because the kids think it’s the coolest thing ever and to take Q&A.  It’s an idyllic setting just south of the border.  You go straight down Highway 49 toward Lake Wylie.  About 1/2 way over the bridge, the road turns to dirt (on the bridge) and you’ve entered South Carolina.  Continue past the holler and over a crick and make a left a mama’s house.  Look for the 4th fireworks stand on your left and then take your next right.  You’ll pass a mater stand next to a peach stand next to a boiled peanut stand next to another fireworks stand next to a liquor store next to a liquor store – hang a left.  Continue straight for minute and look for one them ol’ crabapple trees on the right and turn there.  You should see F3 Dad’s Camp around the bend.

Check-in is pretty standard – they point you to your cabin and give you a schedule of events.  Not so standard is the “random” draw of camp duties.  Mine was Camp Mail Mailer.  Basically, collect letters that campers are sending back home and make sure they get on the mail mule (or is it donkey? I get those confused) when it comes through.

I’m usually not the nosey type but several of the envelopes weren’t sealed and the letters happened to fall out and I happened to read them.

Some of my favorites (between you and me of course – this is private stuff and we should respect the author’s privacy).

Yo, momma, this place is the bomb digs!!  Camp counselors are super hot and I killed some squirrels with a BB gun.  –Narc

Woman, there’s a weird kid who keeps throwing up, sleeping in our cabin. He’s not ours. No dad seems to know who he is or where he came from. Other than that, we’re having fun. –Paté

hey mommy, it’s friday nite and I miss you don’t get me rong, I’m having a super awesome time – we gots to play on the socker field and rode in a kyack (with a life preseber and stuff) and saw some horsies and chased fireflies then we went to a really really big room and had food with all my frinds (like at skool) i ate 2 corndogs (they were on a popsikuls stick so I pretindeds they were popsickuls, grape ones) and ate them all and stuff but the cabin is skary at nite it’s dark and we are in the woods and I forgot Mr. Binkles to sleep with I pee peeded in the bed but just put my jammies in the plastic bag you gave me well gotta go C U later!!!  –Subway

Dear M, this is the worst camp in the world.  Everyone sucks.  Pick me up ASAP.  –Cindy

M, it’s getting worse.  Pretty sure that Subway pissed his bed last night, that is of course after he cried himself sleep.  Pick me up or I’m hitchhiking. –Cindy

All in all it was a good time.  That kid finally disappeared from Pate’s cabin, Narc lavaliered one of the camp counselors and Thin Slice managed to not loose one of his 4 kids (all girls, imagine that!?!).

The kids had a blast which is the most important thing.

Can’t wait until next year.



Reverse Route

From Christ Episcopal

Be back by 6:15a

  • 8+ pace & the Muthahsip crew (2x up gets 7.25 miles and an “I Crushed Ya Mutha” patch), launch 5:15 am
  • 7:30 – 8 pace, launch 5:20 am
  • 7:30 or better, launch 5:25 am

Last mile (starting at Starbucks) do 20 seconds on (not a sprint), 40 seconds off x 6.  These are called strides.  Benefits include;

  • stretch the legs up after a steady, easy run
  • encourage fast twitch muscle gain – incorporate speed work without taxing your legs
  • opportunity to work on mechanics for race day – easy to focus on form for 20 seconds
  • getting into the habit/gaining comfort with a kick at the end of a race
  • BRR blah blah blah
  • sweet calf muscle tone
  • hair* rocking in the wind
  • opportunity to show off in front of the early Panera crew
  • the chance to look really fast as you pull into the lot (to those that were faster than you and beat you back)

*gnats gliding off your sweaty dome for those that sport the no hair/no maintenance look

If you get back early;

  1. Grab a towel from you car,
  2. Roll it up,
  3. Do one of those towel snappy things on everyone that comes in after you,
  4. Or, roll it out,
  5. And lay on the ground and do weird stretchy stuff meant to be done in privacy and,
  6. Don’t start counting until 6:15,
  7. Or if someone else does, don’t count with them.



5 thoughts on “Sweet 6 BB: Letters from Camp

  • August 16, 2018 at 2:07 pm

    You left too early to see my follow up letter:

    “The sick kid may have left, but he seems to have left behind a bad rash. Some of the other dad’s are covered. Not sure it’s treatable.”

  • August 16, 2018 at 3:01 pm

    I’m sure glad Ballz is still hanging around this dumpster fire. He is the only one that still does good BB’s. I’ve been to 3 workouts this week and not one BB has been written. Really 2 workouts because Cholo’s PWW workout was so awful I bailed and went to the ‘Ship. Nash gets a free pass because he now leads the best workout in F3 and has been writing pretty solid BB’s. And TMLee must be too busy being the exercise Natan to write a BB for Ranger. Can you remind me again of your responsibilities being the EN? Do you get to go to Olive Garden with the rest of the “board”? Free bankrupt TIP shirts? #34feet

  • August 16, 2018 at 4:04 pm

    Ballz, steeee-rong as usual. Slightly disappointed that you didn’t find any letters from outside of Metro though or that I didn’t get to read about any brawls that Metro started there. (Guessing Taf and Tolkien laid down the law and wouldn’t let lawlessness unfold.)

    Cindy, I know, I know! You’re mad, I get it … you’ve got the time and just need content to troll. You’re also right (dammit): Rule #12 of the Q is to post a damn BB and I have failed lately. But, hey, I did actually post one for Ranger though so you can troll me more there.

    • August 16, 2018 at 7:16 pm

      The samurai-sword-security was in full effect Lee. You were missed. BANZAI!

  • August 16, 2018 at 7:27 pm

    Shout out to the Metro cabin.
    By the numbers:
    5 Men
    11 children
    0 out of region challenges
    1 million bedbugs

    Ballz for Camp President

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