Black Widow 814….You Are Clear for Takeoff

Skies were clear, a light headwind was blowing and 28 strong showed up in force to board YHC’s inaugural flight as Q on Black Widow Air. Out of the gloom passengers emerged and stowed their luggage…a couple of eco-friendly travelers arrived to the tarmac on bikes (Valdez and Mr. Green would have been pleased with their light carbon footprint).

As the passengers tightened their seatbelts, there was some understandable chatter about how this flight might go with a VQ at the controls and if everyone would make it back to the destination unharmed. With a look at the watch, a deep breath and an attempt at showing confidence…YHC grabbed the mic and uttered “Follow me” as we left the gate on time.

The Thang:

  • After a short taxi to the bricks at Trinity: 20 SSH — 20 Imperial Walkers — 15 Copperhead Squats — 15 Merkins — 20 LBCs
  • Mosey down Providence, left to Rutledge/Fielding. Find a seatmate to partner up for our first inflight movie “Catch Me If You Can”
    • Partner 1 runs backwards, Partner 2 does 3 burpees and sprints to catch up. Flapjack, back and forth to end of Fielding.
    • 10 partner derkins – plank for the 6.
    • The sequel then played back up Fielding, swapping in karaoke and 5 hand-release merkins.
    • 10 partner derkins – plank for the 6.
    • The PAX welcomed a 10 count from Want Ad.
  •   Mosey up Providence for a layover on the Greentree/Brookridge loop.  Fast lap around the loop, alternating 10 plankjacks and 10 squats at each light and intersection (the PAX       particularly like the combo intersection/light about ½ way). Plank for the 6.
  • A few hard banks and loops across Providence traffic, then up to the Hot Box.
    • Find your partner and grab a flight coupon.
    • Partner 1 runs up and around the deck.
    • Partner 2 cycles through 10 curls, 10 squats, 10 overhead presses waiting for partner.
    • Flapjack – 2 rounds of each for both partners (cut out the 3rd round to prepare the cabin for landing on time).
  • Mosey over to the parking lot behind Eddies for some quick, intense Mary: LBC — Oblique Crunches —  And your all-time favorite flight attendants…Rosalita and J Lo.
  • Mosey down Crosby and plank it up at the stop sign (YHC MIGHT have realized we actually had a tailwind, so we were a few mins early with no gate yet available).
    • Soooo….plank it up, 6 inches, right arm high, left arm high.
    • 10 merkins on the road hump and…..AYG back to the gate!
  • COT – on time and all passengers accounted for.


  • The VQ cadence in COP was reviewed and received approval from the PAX Safety Board early in COP, so the captain flew on.
  • A quick pace early and 3.0 miles overall seemed to satisfy the BRRs (“for a book camp” I think I heard).
  • For those looking to fly at mach 1, feel free to partner with Sloppy anytime (YHC can attest to it firsthand). Young gun Lancer and Film Fest have afterburners, when needed, as well.
  • Got to hear some download on Switchboard’s Alaska trip (he reports that yes there are still in fact glaciers, but reports of their melting is not fake news).
  • YHC also realized that you get to hear a lot fewer funny stories, when you are wheezing out the cadence and instructions (perhaps they were just about me and the PAX kept them low).
  • Skipped a few segments of the flight plan due to time (overplanning had been strongly advised for first timers).
  • Big T claps to 2.0 Argyle who showed us old men how it’s done and looks to be ready for his VQ soon!


  • Jazzy raised a prayer request for Eddie Pope and his family, following Eddie’s passing.
  • Labor Day convergence at Latta Park – check website for details.
  • Double Knot thanked everyone for their prayers and support, after the recent successful surgery for his daughter. Terrific news!

LAST WORD – On top of VQ this also marked 1 year for YHC since taking the red pill.  It has been an amazing blessing for me to be welcomed in and be part of PAX and the Nation in a year of change and excitement in my life, helping to reinforce the most important priorities in life. After carrying the blue pill around for too many years, I have to thank a few important people for headlocking me: Want Ad, the M (a longtime FIA), Jazzy Jeff…..but the man who finally pushed me over the edge after a full Sunday of day drinking during the PGA last year (and doubling back for me on the 6)  was Sir Topham Hat! Can’t say how grateful I am for the EH! Also big thanks to those members of the PAX who have kept headlocking and supporting to keep the seatbelt tightening each week – STH, Want Ad, Big Worm, Jazzy, KGB, Snowden, El Guapo, 50 Shades, Grizzly, Baracus, Scully, Sump, Hollins…and many more!

— Boonedoggle

5 thoughts on “Black Widow 814….You Are Clear for Takeoff

  • August 18, 2018 at 9:37 am

    Boonedoggle – sorry to miss your VQ. It was long overdue. Glad to have you as a regular in the Gloom!

    BTW – partner chasers with backwards runs at Black Widow are outlawed.

  • August 18, 2018 at 6:50 pm

    Well done BoonDoggle that was an interesting StravaArt route as well! Thanks for taking the reigns and pushing us hard, it’s always appreciated. SYITG #BestVQ

  • August 20, 2018 at 9:37 pm

    Thanks for the shout out Boonedoggle but I was just trying to keep up with you! Nice VQ. You can be my wingman any time.

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