21 is a good number

21 is a good number.  It beats the dealer and it introduces you to the bartender.  And it was 21 pax who shifted into turbo-charge mode for today’s demolition derby at Attila.

Drop the rag, time to go.

Circle up for the patented Rev Flo warmup: SSH, IW and MC.

Mosey next door to the Met’s baby deck for half number 1. At one end we do Mike Tyson’s, Decline Peter Parker, and people’s chair w/ LaLannes. At the other end we do donkey kicks, flutters and people’s chair w/ air presses.  Increase reps from 5-10 or 10-15 (depending on exercise). AYG to the other end after each 3 exercise set.  Total of 12 sprints.  (Core guys are fast!)

Mosey to the best grass in F3 land for half number 2.  Circle up.  Plankorama including Travoltas, 6 inches and a new one – something like Carolina dry docks meets sharon towers.  (Look for these at Nibbler’s next Q – he wanted to do more.)  SSH x 10 and 5 burpees.  Reverse plankorama. RxR SSH and burpees.  Elbow plankorama including J-Lo’s, side crunches and elbow Peter Parker.  RxR SSH and burpees.  Plankorama including arm/leg out and out n’ in planks.

Back to start for COT.


So glad to have Pipeline back at Attila.  Also terrific to have Redgrave join us. Hope he becomes a regular.

Oldest guy amongst the pax today – Pigskin – smoking the rest in the AYG deck sprints.

Great morning at Attila (C- from Nibbler) and a great start to the weekend.


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