False Advertising

9 pax showed up excited for an #AllStarQ, but had to settle for YHC instead. We’ll get Rock back out there soon, I promise.

The Thang

Stretch the legs in the parking lot, to COP in the nice little gated field: SSH x15, Mtn Climbers x15, Squats x10, Carolina Dry Docks x15, IW x15 (feed the beast)

Mosey to St. Gabes, stop for 10 dips and 10 derkins off the partially-hidden picnic tables. Down the hill to the mulch pile for The Mulch Pile (TM): Run up the hill, to 15 dips and 15 derkins, run back to the pile. Repeat with 10 of each, then 5 of each. Various Mary for the 6.

5 Megaburpees OYO, because Rock would have called them if he were here.

Play Frogger (speaking of which, haven’t seen Frogger in a while. He’s probably been out there regularly, just not at the 1.5 boot camps I visit every 2 weeks. Hope you’re well) across Prov, over to Trinity. Plank and stuff along the way.

10 man-maker merkins OYO, because Rock would have called them if he were here. Run to the place where YHC thought there was a speed bump, but there wasn’t. Do 10 more there anyway. Mosey to the crappiest church parking lot in Metro, and join the Fortress loonies for part of their closing COP led by Stogie. Some Mary and stuff. And planking. Whatever. Get bored and head out. Nearly run over Coach, who’s standing there while everyone else is planking. Notice he’s still standing even after we’re gone. May have even seen a clipboard in his hands.

Road back to Providence, with 3 merkins at each power/phone line on the left. Plankorama. Mosey to the hotbox for 5 pull ups, 10 donkey kicks opposite wall, x2. Mosey out, and back to PUMC with some People’s Chair at the intersection.

Reverse Jeff Gordon Speedway (TM): up, bear crawl across, and down for some merkins or something I already forgot. COP of some Mary. Finis.


Rock, we hope you’re feeling better and back to the gloom soon.

Nice to see some Armor FNGs who live just around the corner – come back again, gents. And I sign up to Q a workout – the SignUp Genius is located here – oops, that link doesn’t work – I don’t like Sign Up Genius. Or Google docs. Try this link. Not working? OK, fine. Just let me know when you can Q, and you’re in.

WantAd with the keys next week. I feel some unicycles coming on.

Thanks for the takeout, Spooky.



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