Jedi Mind Tricks

Lynchpin reached out to YHC to take the reigns at Revolution.  Awesome things have been happening in a place where I had won a softball C league championship about 8 years ago.  We snuck into the playoffs, knocked off the 1 seed in the first round, and didn’t look back…. champs.

Well, Lynch was not there (WTF) but 9 others were and at 7am on the dot, we did some SSH in case some last minute stragglers came in (they didn’t) then we took a much longer than anticipated lap around Barringer with a couple stops for some mary/core until we were back in the lot for a little COP.  Squats, merkins, Peter Parker, Parker Peter… maybe anther thing or two.  Then mosey to football field.

Couple rounds of the beast.  The beast is 6 reps of an exercise, run 50 yards, repeat x 6.  Did a couple rounds:

Round 1: Hand release merkins

Round 2: Sumo Jump Squats

Round 3: Knee Ups

Round 4: Flying Squirrel/Squat Thrust

Some mary in between rounds.

Head up towards playground.  Round of 7’s.  Dips by picnic tables and run over to playground for pull-ups.

More mary, head to underpass and grab a coupon.

Leave coupon on the sidewalk, run one side of half pipe for 1 merkin, roll to other side to repeat said merkin. Increase to 5 merkins.  Each time you pass your coupon, do 5 squats with overhead press (otherwise known as the other squat thrust… I think)

Some mary while we finished and one of the pax received a cat call.

Head to the 50 yard line for a crowd favorite.  Jack web with shoulder tap.

1 merkin, 4 taps, 2 merkins, 8 taps, 3 merkins, 12 taps….. up to 5.  Slight break, then back down to 1. Q SMOKE.

Some BS mary that YHC probably half assed, but called it about 20 seconds early.  Back Up did not work out, but he did bring water… so, in my mind, he gets credit.


Wow, Curly is fast.  And Sprocket is not slow.  GAAP flew through the core round of the beast. Carrier was killing it.  Rope-a-dope kept complaining about a wrist but dont’t think he bailed on any reps.  Pipeline started out right away on the recruiting trail.  Snowden getting faster and brought an FNG, so bonus points there too.  Finally, Jedi, proving once again he is the only one of the entire pax with any game left.  As we were wrapping up the half pipe, a group of runners, some of whom were the better looking gender, rolled by and one of the fairer gender called out to Jedi with some sort of nickname.  Game recognize game.  Respectx3.


not gonna lie, I forgot the announcements, but GAAP and Pipeline spoke about something that sounded cool enough that I asked them to repeat it.  Then since forgot it. Cobains.

Pipeline did ask for prayers for a member of the pax from the men’s shelter who needed them.  Stay strong brother.

That’s all I got.  Great AO, I might still be sweating from the Jack Webb.

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  • August 20, 2018 at 11:48 am

    Respectx3 ,indeed.

    West Charlotte Church (home of Twister, Buckner, Feel Good, and Calvin) hosting Block Party this Saturday 25th (4-7PM) at their campus (Movement School, 2701 Freedom Dr). Free food and fun. They’ve offered space for our Revolution Flyers on their table. Good opportunity to headlock. Email Pipeline at or just show up.

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