Coming in Hot!

I rose early on a fine Saturday morning to lead the best Saturday workout in the metro. Left my house at 6:30 for a short drive over to Midwood park. So much time I stopped and got gas. Then I realized I forgot my watch!!?? I had 14 minutes to go probably 15 minutes. Do I turn around? Do I go without? I turned around and was two minutes late to my own Q! Sorry again fellas and thanks again Mr. Bo for hanging out!

They had 7 for the 6@6 but no takers to stick around. It was me (Toolbelt), Vila and his son 8-cinco. We headed out from the park to the Vine church for some SSH, Mountain Climbers and Imperial Walkers. We then made our way over to the hill at Nassau. 2 burpees at the bottom, 4 squats at the top, and then 8 merkins on the the other side, 4 more squats at the top and 2 more burpees at the bottom. Ten count and then rinse and repeat!

One more ten count then back to the park going the long way to the top of the park. We stopped at every intersection for a alternating 10 merkins or 10 squats for a total of 8 stops. Back to the basketball court we did 100 LBC’s and 80 squats, stopping at the midway point of each to run up the hill and back for a total of 4 laps in between exercise.

We then did a little more mary including dolly and the flutter. Almost out of time and so close to 3 miles on the watch so we finished with lunge walk up the block and the karaoke back and forth, back wards run and then a sprint to finish. I added back the two minutes I missed at the beginning and everyone was appreciative!

No announcements. Good luck to 8-cinco with football try outs. I took us out.

Thanks for letting me lead, see you next time.


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