Rifty’s Lost Its Way

A small but mighty crew of 11 took a scenic loop around the uptown 

The Thang:

Hot mosey to the Nascar museum.  Find a partner.

  • partners take off in opposite directions for laps around the track.
  • 10 merkin hand-slaps when you meet.
  • meet 4 times

Up MLK to College to Cindy’s favorite spiral deck – BB&T.  Whisper instructions to avoid the fuzz.

  • partner 1 backwards run up
  • partner 2 8 burpees and chase
  • continue to the top

Over to the real spiral.

  • partner 1 up the stairs
  • partner 2 up the spiral
  • meet at the top and the bottom for 10 derkins each
  • then repeat but each partner goes up the other way

Back to the BB&T deck.  same drill as before except change to 4 burpees and chase.

AYG home.


-As Dredd said I’m not sure why that was so hard, but it was. Not a lot of instructions, just continuous movement.

-The remainder of Team Rifty was there, but it was clear the squad was out of sorts without their guru.  Hillary was so distraught he tried to injure himself.  LBJ was angrier than usual. And Dredd was quiet.  Check needs to come back quick.

-Cindy had his favorite partner all morning.

-Downhill Danny was fast no matter what direction he was going this morning.  His poor partner just had to hang on for dear life.

-Very impressed with 2 P2W FNG’s, Consuela who says he basically posts at WIB sometimes, and Sausage who just had his first post at Latta on Saturday.  They hung in all morning with no complaints.  Hope we see a lot more of both of those beasts.

-Hillary’s starting an F3 book club.  I forgot his first selection but just DM him.

-Thanks for the keys, G.



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  • August 21, 2018 at 9:06 am

    I am sure the rumors of Rifty’s struggles are greatly exaggerated. Haters gonna hate….

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