ALS Backblast “straight flush” wins every time

Given that my friend Foo had to step down as Q, Ditka jumped in and as a tribute to the old drum playing card shark, I conjured up poker themed beat down for the “non running” Core ALS faithful.

The Thang

Mosey from parking lot to parking lot for some COP.

SSH x20, Sharon Towers x15, IWs x 15, Copperhead Squats x15, Merkins x10, LBCs x 15

Mosey down the Selwyn driveway to begin the Straight Flush

8 – The Pax stopped at the stop lights, or as Tesla call them street lights for a set of OYO reps at each of the 8 light poles. Merkins, Squats, Mountain Climbers, Rosalita’s, IWs, Peter Parkers, LBCs, and Parker Peters, for a total of 64 reps. Then Pax moseyed up to the AG Track

7 – Pax did 7 Merkins in cadence, ran 100 yards, did 7 more Merkins, ran 100 yards and 7 more Merkins, and so on, stopping 7 times and doing 7 double count Merkins at each stop, for a total of 98. Pax moseyed to basketball court

6 – Half the Pax started on one end and did 6 dips, while the other half started on the opposite side and did 6 step ups. Jog to the other side and rotate. 6 reps for 36 dips, and 36 step ups. GAAP led the early finishers through some Plankorama. Not sure what GAAP has been eating lately, but ran like a man on a mission this morning and had that crazed look in his eyes. Pax moseyed back down to the driveway

5 – Pax divided up into two teams (Team GAAP and Team Little W) for some Triple Nickel. Tesla says that Triple Nickel can be down on Heels, or as we say in the North, Hills, but today we did the Triple Nickel on a flat driveway. On the home side Pax did 5 Merkins, on the away side Pax did 5 Plank Jacks. Run back and forth – repeat for a total of 25 Merkins and 25 Plank Jacks. Pax then moseyed over the bottom of circle drive heading up to AG.

4. The Pax stayed in their teams, Team GAAP running to the top of the drive and doing 4 Donkey Kicks, while Team Little W did 4 Russian Twists. Rotate up and down the hill, repeato four times for a total of 16 DKs and 16 RTs. Pax then did LBCs x 20.

Pax moseyed up the driveway rotating between lunge walks and karaoke, and then moseying back to the parking lot. Pax did Rosalita’s x 10. Then DoReMi pointed out that at this stage we only had a straight (8,7,6,5,4), so the workout concluded with 10 Diamonds OYO to complete the Straight Flush.


Big turnout of 36 Pax for a great summer morning workout. Sept 19th event at MPCC 6 pm for all F3 Nation where Dredd and Chad Williams will speak on Sacrifice. Sept 20th, Dredd and Chad will Co-Q at AG, 530 am. GAAP mentioned that Revolution on Saturday mornings is a great way to get involved with local outreach. Prayers to Angler. Prayers to Birdhole and McDreamy and their family. Thanks to Phoenix for a powerful Take Out.

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  • August 21, 2018 at 5:24 pm

    That was a gas today! Liking my every other week trip to ALS even more!

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